Music Video Features Dozens of QR Codes

Director DuNo Tran has gone QR code crazy, inserting a pile of them into the music video for Shin-B‘s latest song ‘Get Up and Go’. Once the video received 10,000 views (which it just did), the QR codes will link to prize giveaways including smartphones and streetwear.

Of course none of these QR codes can actually be scanned while watching the video. The only way to read them is to play the video full screen, hit pause and scan.

It’s unfortunate that the contest and giveaway angle of this video isn’t better communicated. The idea has great possibilities for a scavenger-hunt style game. Viewers could scan the codes and earn points towards prizing.

They have provided a very good instructional video on how to use the QR codes, including a recommendation of the Red Laser scanner app.