SEAT Demonstrates Brake Energy Recovery System With Shrinking Taxi Fare Stunt

SEAT Taxi Fare

Kinetic energy recovery systems recover the energy present in the waste heat created by a car’s braking system, which can be used later to aid in acceleration, creating fuel cost savings.

To demonstrate the brake energy recovery system to, SEAT Germany and Grey Worldwide rigged up one of the brand’s Alhambra minivans to look like a typical Düsseldorf taxi, complete with dash-mounted fare meter.

Hidden cameras caught the perplexed reaction of customers as the cost of the fare actually decreased each time the vehicle braked. A simple execution that directly communicates the cost-savings of SEAT’s technology.

[via Creative Criminals]


SEAT Switzerland Gives Away Car for the End of the World

SEAT - End of the World

By now, the vast majority of sane people know that the end of the world is not coming later this week. But if the predicted doomsday does begin to unfold, SEAT will have the ultimate getaway car standing by for one lucky person.

Getaway to what? I have no idea.

A giant-sized emergency box has been set up outside the Winterthur main station containing a new SEAT Leon FR. Until December 20th at 12:12, people can visit and signup to win use of the car until December 28. Or, if the world does indeed end, they keep the car. So, at least the winner has that to look forward to.

The installation was created by the Zurich offices of Saatchi & Saatchi.