Brazilian Telecom Company Connects Kids to Santa with a Magical Payphone

Oi Magical Payphone

I still do a ‘double-take’ when I notice a payphone on the street. It seems almost inconceivable (and yes, I said that like Vizzini in ‘The Princess Bride’) that this used to be the only way we had to get in touch with someone when we were out-and-about.

Brazilian telecom provider ttp://” title=”Oi” target=”_blank”>Oi, and their agency NBS created a Magical Payphone with a direct connection to Santa at the North Pole. Actually, Santa was played by two actors from Retiro dos Artistas (an institution that takes care of retired artists), who could watch the children’s reactions via a remote camera

But chatting with Saint Nick was only the start of the fun for these kids. As they spoke with Santa, lost elves wandered by, and gifts seemed to appear out of nowhere (thanks to sneaky members of the production crew). But there was more, Santa asked the kids to find the star on the pay phone, once pressed it triggered a 3D projection, snowflakes and a Christmas choir.

[via Ads of the World]


‘You’re Never Too Old to Sit on Santa’ Musical Breaks Out at New Jersey Mall

Improv Everywhere Mall Santa MusicalNew York performance art group Improv Everywhere is back with another one of their Spontaneoud Musicals. This time the theme is the holidays and the theme that you’re never too old to sit on Santa’s lap.

Other performances have been staged in food courts, grocery stores and even a social media conference.

While some Improv Everywhere’s projects are unauthorized the Mall Santa Musical was performed with the cooperation of the mall. The musical was perfomed a few times during that day duirng the breaks of the ‘real’ mall Santa. As you can imagine, there is a significant amount of preparation and rehearsal involved in Improv Eveywhere’s performances and they’ve posted some behind-the-scenes pictures and video on their website.

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