Vancouver Spa Offers Free Services to Stressed-Out Riot Suspects

Ecotique Spa Offers Free Massages for Vancouver RiotersOh dear, the new hockey season is in it’s infancy and then along comes this new campaign from Eccotique Spas and Salons. The campaign is guaranteed to create new debate and controversy in Vancouver. The spa is offering ‘$50 Calm Down & De-Stress’ Gift Certificates to suspects who confess to their involvement in the riots that occurred after the final game of the 2010 Stanley Cup playoffs.

On that night thousands of people rioted in the streets around downtown Vancouver causing millions of dollars worth of damages. Police arrested over 100 people that night, and debate was raised over the way that the web and social media was used to identify alleged rioters through photos, status updates and comments.

Suspects looking for a free massage, pedicure or even a little waxing will have to show their photo ID, describe their involvement in the riots, be fingerprinted and then turn themselves into the Vancouver Police Department. As the campaign’s headline reads “You didn’t pay for anything at the riots, why not now?”.

Do you think that Eccotique is simply exploiting the controversy around the riots for publicity, or are they just trying to ‘do good’ by helping suspects to turn themselves in?

I’d be surprised if we see anyone stepping forward to take advantage of the offer, but then again I was surprised that night to see people using their Facebook pages to brag about their looting and destruction.

The campaign was created by Vancouver agency Kommunity.

Thanks to @Lolzania for the tip.