Kraft Wheat Thins Partner with Six Flags for RFID Rollercoaster Check-ins

Kraft Wheat Thins - Six Flags: The Boldest Check-inThis August Kraft Foods has partnered up with Six Flags to promote Wheat Thins two newest flavours, Spicy Buffalo and Zesty Salsa.

Throughout the month Kraft asked fans to upload their best rollercoaster faces ton Instagram using the hashtag #coasterface. The top 10 photos with the most Instagram ‘Likes’ each week won 2 tickets to any Six Flags Theme park.

This weekend visitors to Six Flags Theme Parks had a chance to make real coaster faces by participating in “The Boldest Check-In”. Staff positioned near the rollercoasters at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles (on the Goliath roller coaster), Six Flags Great America in Chicago (American Eagle roller coaster) and Six Flags New England in Springfield, Mass. (Cyclone roller coaster) are using iPads to register riders and link their social networks to a special RFID-embedded wristband.

A special RFID checkpoint installed just before the first drop automatically posted a check-in to rider’s Facebook profiles. The first 100 riders at each park who were automatically checked-in get to ride the rollercoaster again.

The Boldest Check-In campaign was created by AKQA, with live event RFID solutions from Intellitix.

[via Marketing Daily]


RFID Wristbands Help French Surf Fans Post Facebook Pics

French Surf Fans Check-In to Facebook Using RFID wristbandsWhen surf fans arrived at the beach in Biarritz for the Roxy Pro Women’s World Surfing Championships this past July, they found more than just ‘sweet’ waves. Event sponsor partner, Orange distributed ‘RFID wristbands’ that enabled wearers to interact at special terminals located around the event site.

People were able to connect the wristbands to their Facebook accounts allowing them to win free gifts or take photos which were then posted ‘automagically’ to their walls. For every 100 Likes (or check-ins) one surfing lesson was donated to Surf Insertion, a program that provides the surfing experience to rural and urban youth in France.

Let this be a lesson to the people that tell you QR codes are the wave of the future. This is an example of creating an easy experience connecting mobile (in this case not their phone) without burdening users with app downloads and awkwardness of using your camera phone in a public space. There will be a variety of technologies available to connect offline to online, choosing the right one will be dependent on a careful understanding the environment and audience.

Similar RFID bracelet initiatives have been used by Coca-Cola recently at the Rock’n Coke Festival in Instanbul and Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel