Renault Spices Up Clio Test Drives with the Va Va Voom Button

Renault Clio - Va Va Voom Button

A standard test-drive is a pretty ho-hum affair, you’re handed the keys (you may sign a release), and with under the watchful eyes of the sales person, you take a car for a controlled spin around the block.

To demonstrate the excitement of the redesigned Renault Clio, unsuspecting test-drivers were asked to press the “Va Va Voom” button located on the entertainment console in the middle of the car’s dashboard. Once the button has been pressed, the area around the car is transformed into Paris street corner, including a backdrop of the Eiffel tower, actors posing as reunited lovers, cafe customers, street vendors, musicians and (depending on the driver’s gender) a group of shirtless guys or sexy can-can dancers. Did I mention the free baguettes?

The stunt was created by Manning Gottlieb OMD and Scorch London and distributed by Unruly Media.

Two Unsuspecting Girls Take The New Renault Clio For A Test Drive

Two Unsuspecting Guys Take The New Renault Clio For A Test Drive

[via Car Scoop]


Renault & Nissan Electric Car Ads. One brief, two executions?

Great minds think alike? What are the chances two ads from two different car companies touting their electric vehicles would be released on the same day with an eerily similar concept? Pretty unlikley, eh?

Before everyone starts getting all excited remember that Nissan and Renault created an industrial and creative alliance back in 1999. Renault holds a 43.4% stake in Nissan, while Nissan holds 15% in Renault. The Renault-Nissan Alliance is working together to develop a complete range of electric powertrains.

Adverbog published a post earlier today pointing out the similarities.

Watch for yourselves below. One alliance, one brief, two executions?

Nissan Leaf – Gas Powered Everything ad by TBWACHIATDAY Los Angeles

Renault TVC ad by Publicis Conseil