Remax Use QR Code to Connect Local Listings

Re-Max Sign - Could Your House Use a QR Code?Delvinia President, Steve Mast sent me this poster/billboard this morning. Real estate companies have been early adopters of mobile barcode technology so it’s not surprising to see them used in their outdoor advertising.

This is a good execution of highlighting the QR Code in the creative. The headline ‘Does Your Home Need a QR Code’ makes a direct reference to the large mobile barcode underneath. In a recent survey by AskingCanadians, almost 87% of respondents who own smartphones recognize what these codes are used for, so making reference to a QR code in an ad makes perfect sense.

Based on this high recognition factor, it may not be necessary to provide directions on every usage of QR codes in the future. The need for instructions may depend on your audience – are the majority of them smartphone users?

The URL incorporated into the border of the code provides an alternative way to access the content for users who don’t want to use a mobile barcode scanner app.

Once scanned I was redirected to the mobile page, where the page requested to use my location. Once I had given the page my location, Remax properties in my area were displayed.

An unanswered question

The question ‘Does Your Home Need a QR Code’ goes unanswered on the mobile site. It would have been nice to have seen a push to an agent or at least a link to more information on the advantage to using QR codes for the sale of your home or property,