Interactive 3D Model of Audi R8 Constructed from Fan Comments

Audi - #OneMillionReasons

Audi Germany have launched an interactive web experience that takes the positive sentiments posted about the brand on social media using the hashtags #onemillionreasons. The comments are presented as a single particle in an interactive 3D model of the Audi R8.

Audi will select eight fans to attend the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt and enjoy a 2 hour escorted R8 fan ride.

Audi fans can search, find and share their contributions through their social media channels or save the 3D model as wallpaper.

The project was created by agency Razorfish and creative production company Minivegas.

[via The Drum]


Audi invites eight selected fans to visit us at the IAA 2013 in Frankfurt. Take a look behind the scenes at the world’s largest car show and learn new Audi
already know before anyone else.

But then you have the the Frankfurt skyline behind him quickly: At the wheel of an Audi R8, you experience dynamic and agile pure performance.

They also tell us what you like about Audi and with a little luck we may welcome you soon as a pilot Audi R8 in Frankfurt.

Smart USA Does the Math on Bird Poop

Smart USA - bird crap

When KKBold Creative Director Clayton Hove tweeted the one-liner “Saw a bird had crapped on a Smart Car. Totaled it.”, he probably wasn’t expecting this kind of response from the team behind Smart USA’s Twitter account.

Smart USA responded with “Couldn’t have been one bird, @adtothebone. Sounds more like 4.5 million. (Seriously, we did the math.)” and included an infographic illustrating the weight of bird crap required to damage smart’s tridion’s cell.

And it takes a lot of crap: 4,500,ooo pigeon craps, 360,000 turkey craps or 45,000 emu craps to be exact.

It’s fun to see a brand empower their agency (in this case Razorfish) and social media team to show some personality by responding in a creative way.


Axe Promotes New Fragrance With Fan Influenced Graphic Novel

Axe Anarchy Fragrance Graphic NovelThis week (Jan 10) Unilever brand Axe launched Anarchy, a new fragrance that they are marketing to not just their traditional young male audience, but this time also to young women.

To get the word out, digital agency Razorfish are telling the story of the fragrance’s creation as a serialized graphic novel that is being written and illustrated in real-time based on suggestions by it’s fans on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In fact, the artists and writers of Aspen Comics will be including some of the contributors into the graphic novel as characters as the story develops.

If you’re at all familiar with Axe’s past marketing efforts you won’t be very shocked to see that story too consists mostly of super-hot women losing their minds when the scent of an Axe product reaches their nose. Let’s hope that the contributors can steer the story in a more interesting way.