Belgian Financial Organization Promotes Safe Internet Banking with Fake Psychic Stunt

Febelfin - Safe Internet Banking

Febelfin is an umbrella organization of the Belgian financial sector. To promote their new campaign ‘Safe Internet Banking‘ they’ve employed Dave, a medium, with what-appears-to-be very powerful ‘psychic’ abilities.

Random people were invited to appear on what they were told was a new TV show (I’m assuming the user’s were asked their names at that point). Soon Dave begins revealing things about the person that he shouldn’t possibly know, including location of tattoos, favorite vacation spots, the colour of their house, or even their credit card number.

A curtain falls and the subject can now see just how Dave knew so much. According to the agency’s web site, the stunt used top notch hackers working in real time to make people aware of the fact that their entire life can be found online.

The stunt was orchestrated by Brussels communication agency Duval Guillaume Modem.


Mother London Partners With Psychic for T-Shirts That Predict 2012

Mother London Psychic T-ShirtsWhile most digital agencies are still working their head around their awkward holiday promos, Mother London is not wasting time and has jumped straight ahead into 2012.

The agency is selling 100 shirts that come complete with a personalized psychic prediction for the wearer. Los Angeles-based psychic Lucinda Claire has used her spiritual powers to predict the destiny for the future wearer. The prediction has been printed on each shirt and is available for purchase at

Each t-shirt costs £100, and all proceeds are to be donated to Age UK, the UK’s largest charity for the elderly. As for sizes, the site copy explains that if the purchaser receives a size that does not fit them, perhaps it was actually meant for another. Sadly, it sounds like a SOL.

A full audio clip of the Lucinda’s psychic reading is available to the buyer once they’ve received their shirt.

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