Pringles Crunch Band Wants You to Rock Your Smartphone

Pringles Crunch Band

This summer Pringles Sweden have unleashed Crunch Band, a fun new app for chip munchin’ music fans. Created by the creative folks at CP+B Europe, the app wants to turn everyone into a budding rock star just by shaking and swiping their Android or iPhone mobile smartphone.

The app uses the phone’s accelerometer to create the sounds of an electric guitar, bass and drums. More instruments can be unlocked by scanning the UPC code on the side of other Pringles cans. As the instruments are unlocked special badges are shared to a user’s Faceboook profile, and if your smartphone speakers aren’t loud enough you can order a special speaker attachment (in exchange for 3 product seals) that can turn your empty Pringles can into an rockin’ amp.

If you need help Pringles have provided a Rocktorial direct from Tomas the rest of the hard rocking development team. 🙂