PodCamp Toronto 2011: Tips and Recommendations

A scene from Podcamp 2010, photo by EvaBlue

A scene from Podcamp 2010, photo by EvaBlue

With over 1400 digital media professionals and enthusiasts registered for PodCamp Toronto 2011, things are going to be busy at the Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson this weekend (that’s at the north-east corner of Gould & Church Streets for the non-downtown folk).

Weather and Traffic, Oh My!

According to the weather forecast we’re going to get a few centimeters of accumulation throughout the day. That means that the going may be slow on the highway coming in, so leave some extra time if you’re coming in from out of town.

If you were coming downtown (or up) on the Yonge-University TTC line, note that the subway is conveniently closed between Bloor and Union on both Saturday and Sunday. They will have shuttle buses running, but those will be slow and crowded. Make alternate plans and give yourself extra time.

My Podcamp TO Tips

  • Arrive early and get registered, the tables open at 8:30
  • Plan your day in advance using the session schedule posted at the PodCamp Toronto site.
  • Know the official hashtag, it’s #pcto2011 .
  • Why not leave the laptop at home? Unless you’re presenting, or you really do have to catch up on work during breaks it’s going to be a pain and I really don’t need to see you playing Solitaire during a session.
  • Don’t be offended if your Twitter of Facebook friends don’t recognize you right away. Your postage stamp sized profile picture may not do you justice at all.
  • Do write your twitter name in large letters on your badge. Add flare or glitter is you have it.
  • Don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to your Twitter and Facebook friends in person. Capture the moment with an awkward photo.
  • Make your lunch plans in advance – nothing sucks more than spending two thirds of your lunch break standing in line. Also, friends don’t let friends eat alone.
  • Don’t talk through the sessions. If you are not getting something out of the session you are in, use the ‘Law of Two Feet’, leave and find something else that interests you.
  • Don’t complain that there are no sessions suited to your interests. Create a session, find some folks and start a discussion.
  • Make sure you thank your hard-working Podcamp Toronto organizers in person, this is what they look like.

What are your tips for a fun, stress-free Podcamp?

Sessions I Will Try to Attend

These are the sessions throughout Saturday that interest me the most.

First choice: Agency Panel: How the rise of social media changed their disciplines
Second choice: Empowering Social Support Communities

First choice: “I’m Famous on the Internet” : How to Turn a Stupid Idea Into 15 Minutes of Fame
Second choice: Crowdsourcing Tech for Social Good & Crisis Response

First choice: The Importance of Core Messaging
Second choice: The Internet is Not Made of Hugs

First choice: Psychology of Websites and Social Media Campaigns
Second Choice: Community Management or Complaints Department

First choice: Copyright, Trademarks & Social Media
Second Choice: Design for Evil

First choice: Redefining our Relationship with Government: Are Gov 2.0 & Open Data Stalling
Second Choice: What Price Integrity?

First choice: Social Media Trends for Business in 2011

What sessions are you looking forward to?

Photo by EvaBlue