Dutch Orchestra Raises Awareness by Performing Fan-Created Tweetphonies

Metropole TweetphonyThe Metropole Orchestra is a Dutch jazz and pop orchestra created in 1946 by the Netherlands Public Broadcasting. However the Metropole Orchestra is no longer subsidized and faces budget cuts.

To help raise awareness of the Orchestra, creative agencies Havas and Perfect Fools have created Tweetphony, a website where visitors can use a keyboard to compose their own 140 character symphony.

The best ‘tweetphonies’ will actually be performed by the orchestra on October 26 and posted on YouTube. Listen and see if you recognize any of the melodies.


Guided by Tweets; Citroën Launches 8-Hour Twitter Race Across the Netherlands

Citroen Netherlands Twitter RaceOn November 17 at 9am, Dutch actress and presenter Froukje de Both will begin an 8-hour drive in a Citroën DS5, but she has no idea where she will be at the end of the day. Froukje and her co-driver will begin their day in the centrally located Dutch city of Amersfoort, but from that point on they will begin taking directions from their the Twitter followers of @CitroenNL. Let’s hope they don’t direct her into a nearby canal.

The way that it works is that when the car approaches an intersection, they will choose the direction that has been tweeted the most. The goal for players is to get the car as close as possible to their location. At 5pm (local time) exactly the car will stop somewhere in the Netherlands. The first person who can find the Citroën DS5 and tweet the secret code found inside gets to drive the car for the next year.

The whole event can be followed live throughout the day on the Citroën Netherlands Facebook page. Visitors can watch Froukje and her co-driver via a live cam inside the car and on see their location updated on Google Maps.

The Citroën DS5 Twitter Race was created by Euro RSCG Amsterdam and creative studio Perfect Fools.

UPDATE: Nov 17 – The Twitter race ended at 5pm in the town of Soest, which is actually only 10 km from where it began this morning in Amersfoort. After hundreds of tweets (weirdly, none from the eventual winner) and hundreds of miles the car was claimed by Bart van Dishoeck (@DJBart1).

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