30 Squats Can Earn You Subway Fare on the Moscow Subway

Sochi Olympics - Moscow Subway Squats

In less than 3 months the Russian city of Sochi will host the Winter Olympic Games.

To help promote the games, the Russian Olympic committee has installed a special ticket machine at the Vystavochaya subway station, west of Moscow. But unlike other machines, commuters can earn their ticket by doing 30 squats.

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Turkish Airlines Uses QR Flags for London Scavenger Hunt

Turkish Airlines QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Just wrapping up today in London is a campaign from Turkish Airlines that leverages QR codes in a citywide scavenger hunt. Digital billboards on transit shelters display QR codes based on the national flags of countries competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Once the user has scanned a QR code they are redirected to a mobile site where the user can ‘checkin’ to that country.

Other features of the mobile site are; ‘Locations’ which show other QR Flags are in the area around you, ‘Stats’ show you the total number of QR codes you’ve collected, and ‘Offers’ displaying flight specials from London to that destination.

The person who ends up with the most ‘check-ins’ at the end of the contest will win two return ticket to one of Turkish Airlines 200 destinations. The campaign is a great example of how a mobile site can still offer an experience that’s equal to

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Dutch Olympic Fans Power a Volkswagen With Their Cheers

Volkswagen - Up! Holland Up!

Volkswagen Holland‘s Up! Holland Up! campaign is giving Dutch Olympic fans something to scream and yell about. And, if those fans cheer loud enough they can earn a trip to London and tickets for the Olympic Games.

Volkswagen’s Dutch agency ACHTUNG! and application developer B-Lex worked together to modify a new Volkswagen Up! by removing the accelerator pedal and configuring the engine to accelerate based on the sound inside the car.

People were invited to register for the challenge, and would be contacted when the car was in their area. Their challenge was to scream as loud as they could to make the car travel 100 metres. The louder they cheered, the faster the car would go. The fastest time each day would win the tickets to London. There are more tickets available for the people in the 10 videos that are voted the funniest.


Updated Version of Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’ Rallys Team Australian

Testra Down Under Olympics Ad

The 410 athletes that make up the 2012 Australian Olympics team were sent off to the rallying cry of Men at Work’s 1982 worldwide hit ‘Down Under’. The song is featured in a new ad for Australian mobile provider Telstra, has been become synonymous with Australia. I also introduced the rest of the world to the concept of a ‘Vegemite sandwich’.

The ad features Men at Work vocalist Colin Hay leading a choir, athletes, bar patrons and a stadium full or pumped up Aussies in an updated version of the classic. It was shot in seven different locations in London and took eight weeks to coordinate and shoot.

The updated version ‘Down Under 2012’ is available for download in iTunes.

The ad was created by DDB Sydney.


Beckham Surprises Fans at #TaketheStage Photobooth

Adidas David Beckham Photobooth

David Beckham is a very busy man these days.

Despite being left off the the roster of the British Olympic football squad, and the London Olympics opening a day or two away, Beckham boarded a plane and flew to Philadelphia where he was one of the best players on the field for the MLS All Stars as they defeated Chelsea 3-2.

Beckham still found time to surprise fans at an adidas #takethestage photobooth at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, located near the Olympic park where fans had been invited to support the Great Britain team. It’s awesome to see the variety of reactions to Beckham as he pokes his head around the corner.


MINI Horn Section Pays Tribute to British Olympic Team

MINI Horn Section

The 2012 London Olympics are still a few weeks ago, and preparations all over the city are in high gear. After creating recordings all 205 National Anthems for the Games, nine members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor Gareth Newman came together to create a tribute to the British Olympic team by beeping their way through ‘God Save the Queen’.

The video was created by London agency WCRS.

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