Australian Insurance Company Promotes Comprehensive Plan With ‘FrankenCar’ Build

NRMA Car Creation CampaignWhen I first heard the idea behind this campaign for Australian car insurance company NRMA, I immediately thought of the Simpsons’ episode ‘The Homer‘. In that episode Homer’s half-brother Herb (voiced by Danny DeVito); owner of Powell Motors, invites Homer to build a car that would appeal to the ‘average American’. The car was a combination of everything ridiculous, featuring two bubble domes and horns that played La Cucaracha.

To promote their Comprehensive Car Insurance plan, NRMA Insurance wanted to highlight to car-owners that their insurance plan would cover the car extras that others companies may not. Extras like car stereos, air conditioning, sunroofs, alloy wheels and ABS brakes.

NRMA’s agency, Whybin/TBWA/Tequila came up with the idea of creating a special ‘concept car’ created from 5 different cars and 52 extras. Over the next 8 weeks, the four mechanics cut, welded and were filmed undergoing unique challenges like driving around with a heavy metal band playing in the car, or backing up through an obstacle course of very expensive items without the benefit of a backup camera.

During the build, NRMA’s Facebook fans could vote on some of the optional items added to the car such as the alloy wheels or the colourful Travel Pod. Fans who voted were eligible to win a $1000 gift card.

The car was revealed to the public earlier this week by actor and comedian Shane Jacobsen at Customs House in Sydney. The challenge now is for NRMA’s Facebook fans to come up with a name for the one-of-a-kind vehicle, the winner will receive $10,000.

The campaign was created by WhybinTBWATequila and The Glue Society, with production by Will O’Rourke.