IKEA Norway Creates Campaign to Sell Customers’ Used Furniture

IKEA Norway - The Second Hand

A frequent site in urban and suburban areas is used furniture placed next to a dumpster or waiting on the curb for pickup. Granted some of these pieces are beyond recovery and are indeed ready for the landfill or scrap heap. But, some pieces of furniture still have life left in them, and just need some TLC to be useful again.

A recently completed campaign for IKEA Norway saw the company and their Oslo-based agency SMFB create a secondary market for customer’s used IKEA furniture. The campaign dubbed “The Second Hand” started with IKEA asking customers who were shopping for new furniture whether they’d like the retailer to help sell their old furniture. From this group the agency selected 50 volunteers and brought their furniture to the studio to star in professional photo and video shoots.

During the next 8-weeks IKEA shared their advertising space across TV, outdoor, print and social media with their Oslo customers. Each ad featured the new IKEA item that the customer had bought and the piece they were getting rid of, along with the actual phone number of the seller

In addition to the advertising placements, for several Sundays the IKEA Norway Facebook page was turned into a Flea Market (or Bruktmarket) where even more customers could post their used furniture for others to buy. The items would be displayed from 11am – 5pm before the fleamarket was closed and the items were deleted from the page.

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Norway Promotes Seafood with Human Sushi Interpretive Dance

Norwegian Seafood - The Human Sushi

Norway is the second-largest exporter of seafood (behind China), supplying more than 150 countries worldwide. In 2012, Norway exported 2.36 million tons of seafood worth nearly 7 million Euros (USD 9 million).

To help promote the use of it’s seafood in sushi recipes, the Godfisk Seafood Council of Norway and their Oslo-based agency Try/Apt created a series of videos featuring ‘The Human Sushi’, a awkward performance group that interpret sushi recipes such as Maki, Sashimi and Nigiri into dance.




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Norwegian Airline Ad Features a Grandfather’s Magical Powers

Wilderoe - Grandpa's Trick

Widerøe’s Flyveselska is a busy regional airline in Norway and part of the SAS Group. Their wonderful new ad features a young boy fascinated by a magic trick performed by his grandfather. If you haven’t seen the ending, i won’t give it away here. Enjoy.

The song featured in the clip is ‘Youth’ from the Wild Youth (EP) by North London band Daughter.

The ad was created by McCann Oslo, produced by 4 1/2 and directed by Marius Holst.

Volkswagen Turns Norwegian Roadway into a Interactive Roulette Game

Volkswagen Bluemotion RouletteTo demonstrate just how far the new fuel-friendly Volkswagen Bluemotion Golf could travel on a single tank of glass, Norwegian agency Apt came up with the very creative idea. They decided to have two drivers head north from Oslo in the Golf using the road commonly known as the E6.

The road was divided into 80,000 car-length roulette slots using Google Maps and Streetview. A TV commercial informed Norwegians to go to the site and select the section of road that they thought the car would run out of fuel on. The lucky person who chose the correct section on the roadway won the car. Pretty simple right?

The whole drive was broadcasted live through the campaign website and 27 hours later the car finally came to a stop after driving 1527 kilometres north from Oslo.

The Bluemotion Roulette site is simple and well designed, with all the important car specs that players could use to calculate how far the car might go.

I love the idea of demonstrating the car’s fuel capabilities this way. The concept is very interactive, memorable and fun.