Family Battles Pissed Off Garden Gnomes in New IKEA Ad

IKEA Gnomes - Time for Change

For power ballad aficionados and fans of hard rockers Mötley Crüe specifically, the song in this new IKEA UK ad may sound familiar. “Time for Change’, featured on the band’s 1989 album Dr. Feelgood, is performed here by The Palace of Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and The Heritage Singers.

In the ad a family is sprucing up their dreary back garden with colourful IKEA outdoor furniture, much to the chagrin of an army of surly garden gnomes.

The ‘Time for Change’ ad, which launches April 13, was created by Mother London, and directed by Mike Maguire for Biscuit Filmworks.

[via Great Ads]


Adriana Lima, Chuck Liddel & Motley Crue Kickstart Kia’s Super Bowl Ad

Kia Dream CarIt looks like Kia America is going for the dude market with their 2012 Super Bowl commercial (the extended version is embedded above).

In the ad, Mr. Sandman enters the bedroom of a sleeping couple. He lightly sprinkles dream dust to the woman and instantly she’s riding across grassy hills on white horse with a well groomed guy in a puffy shirt (basically a romance novel come to life). But as Mr Sandman rounds the bed, he trips on a pair of slippers delivers a overdose of golden dream dust to the unsuspecting sleeping man. The next thing you know all hell breaks loose as the man finds himself in a white Kia Optima. Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima drops the flag he speeds off (closed course, professional driver, blah blah blah) in front of a grandstand of cheering bikini-clad women as Motley Crue rock out on stage to ‘Kickstart My Heart’.

But no sir, it’s not over yet. The random awesomeness continues with a cowboy riding a bucking rhinoceros, lumberjacks sawing a truck-size sandwich and Chuck Liddel kicking a guy until he explodes. Soon the man and woman’s dreams cross paths in a more tranquil happy ending.

The ad was created by Kia’s ad agency David & Goliath and directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Film Works.