Want to Save Money on Your Cable Bill? Don’t Call Michael Bolton

Optimum - Don't Call Michael Bolton

Big time 90s warbler and comedic actor (you’ve all seen his turn as a pirate in Lonely Island’s ‘Jack Sparrow‘ video) Michael Bolton may have sold millions of albums around the world, but according to a new ad created by Mother New York, he’s fed up with getting phone calls from people who dial his number by mistake when they are trying to reach U.S. cable company Optimum.

The ad’s premise is that the cable company and Bolton share a very similar number phone number, his being 866-200-7152 and Optimum’s is 866-200-7151. Now Bolton can’t trim his hedges (no, that’s not a metaphor), create pottery, wash the dog, or go bouncy-bounce on his trampoline without being interrupted by people looking for great deals on TV, internet and phone.

If you do call 866-200-7152 (and really, you know you want to), you’ll get Bolton’s answering machine, where you can not only hear his pitch for Optimum and choose 1 to connect to the cable company, but you can also “press 2” to hear him shred on a guitar, “press 3” to hear how he warms up his voice, “press 4” to hear him speak Spanish, or “press 5” hear a funny joke (it’s not that funny).

[via Adweek]