FedEx Canada Plays Shipping Box Dominoes in Promo Video

FedEx Canada Uses Shipping Boxes as DominoesTo promote their ‘less urgent’ shipping services to the US, FedEx Canada has created a fun video showing a bow-tied Canada Goose in Montreal shipping a miniature hockey stick to a super-cute puppy in what appears to be Miami. Let this be a lesson to those shiftless geese hanging around here in the local parks. “Get a job and stop crapping on the sidewalks!”

The route is represented by hundreds of Fedex boxes being toppled like dominoes. I love the moment where the large cylinder is pushed toward another group of boxes, then the boxes topple in a circle and roll back through the cylinder.

I can’t wait to see the ‘Making Of’ video. I’m curious how just many shipping boxes were used as dominoes, and how many takes were required to get all the effects to work seamlessly.

The ad was created by BBDO Canada.

KLM Hosts Dance Party at 35,000 Feet

In February Dutch airline KLM tweeted that they would be re-opening their route between Amsterdam and Miami on March 27, 2011, Dutch DJ Sied van Riel (@SiedVanRiel) and filmmaker Wilco Jung (@WilcoJung) responded with a tweet expressing their disappointment that this was a week too late to make it to the Ultra Music Festival.

They tweeted “I bet we could fill a plane with house music dutchies who go to WMC miami”.

KLM responded to the challenge with a tweet the said “You fill the plane, we’ll try to fly!”

KLM challenged Sied and Wilco to gather 150 pre-registrations within seven days and they would fly. They gathered the 150 in just 5 hours. Within a few days they launched a website, twitter account. When the dust had settled they had gathered an amazing 426 registrations for the flight.

On March 21, the flight took off from Amsterdam. When the plane had reached 35,000 feet, the DJ started spinning, drinks were served and the transatlantic party was on.

This is a great example of a company listening and responding to its customers. They could have easily ignored the tweet from Sied and Wilco, or responded with a polite ‘we’re looking into it’. Instead the people behind the KLM social media program acted in the spirit of creativity and openness. I’d love to know what took place behind the scenes at KLM as the challenge was made and then met. Great work KLM.

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