Follow @MellowMushroom and You Just Might Get Followed Back for Real

Mellow Mushroom - Follow Back

When third year law student, Andrea Chiz Plylar (@acplyler) followed the Twitter account of Mellow Mushroom, a Georgia-based pizzeria chain, she probably had little idea that she would be followed back… in real life.

3 days later, Andrea was indeed being followed back by Mellow Mushroom mascot ‘Mel O. Mushroom’. In all, 20 Twitter users were follower back with hidden cameras, with help from their friends and family.

The ad comes from Atlanta ad agency, Fitzgerald + Co.

[via AdAge]


With Zellers Set to Close, Store Mascot Zeddy is Released into the Wild

Zellers: Adopt Zeddy

The fate of 81 year-old Zellers brand in Canada was sealed earlier this summer, with the news that the 64 remaining stores not being converted into Targets would be closed.

Over the past year the Zellers has been running a series of tongue-in-cheek campaigns featuring the (hopefully) fictional ‘executive managing director’. In the ‘Festive Finale‘, fans and customers were invited to make all the decisions around their final holiday campaign. That was followed with ‘Zellers Memory Showcase‘ a campaign asking customers to submit their memories of the store chain under the categories ‘heartwarming’, ‘nostalgic’, ‘strange’ or ‘funny’.

Since everything must go, that includes the Zellers mascot since 1986, Zeddy. In the first spot (embedded below) the ‘executive managing director’ releases Zeddy into the great outdoors to make little woodland friends. The second spot shows that, as expected, the great outdoors (with it’s burrs and strange berries) is not the ideal place for a department store mascot.

But, not to worry, Zellers has put Zeddy up for adoption. Just write (in 750 characters or less) why you, or your organization would be the perfect home for Zeddy. The best three submissions will be posted for Facebook fan voting, with the winner receiving a $5000 donation to the charity of your choice.

The campaign was created by Toronto agency, john st.