Body Waxing Bar Takes Coupon Rip-Off Campaign to the Streets of Toronto

Fuzz Wax Bar - Street Rip-off

During the recent Pride Week festivities in Toronto, a Fuzz Wax Bar promotion proved to be real “rip-off”. Wax strips that doubled as coupons (with directions to the salon) were attached to the still-hairy (for the moment) bodies of a very brave male model. People passing by were invited to then “rip-off” one of the coupons for a 25 discount on their next waxing.

As seen in the video, the waxing strips are colour-coded based on the sensitivity of their location on the body.

Watching the clip brought back memories of watching Steve Carell’s famous chest-waxing scene in the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Unlike Carell’s movie character, the coupon-covered male model doesn’t resort to random obscenities or invoking the name of Kelly Clarkson.

The campaign was created and executed by Toronto’s Lowe Roche.

[via Media in Canada]


Pffaf Brings Porsche 911 to Customers’ Driveway for Personalized Ad Mailer

Pffaf Porsche Instant Direct Mail

In June Pffaf Porsche, Canada’s largest Porsche dealer brought a dream car to the driveways of an affluent Toronto neighbourhood, which of course didn’t include mine.

The production crew photographed the Porsche Carrera 911 S in the driveway in front of select homes, before heading back to a makeshift print studio in the back of a plain white panel van.

The photographs were imported into a pre-designed template, printed, trimmed (by hand, with hopefully no fingers lost) and then hand-delivered to the mailboxes and door steps of the chosen homes. Each home essentially receiving a personalized direct mail piece (minus the postage) showing a dream car parked in their driveway.

The agency behind the project is Toronto’s Lowe Roche.


Warner Brothers Creates Infectious Billboard to Promote Contagion

Contagion BillboardThe big-budget pandemic movie Contagion is due out on Friday, September 9th and Warner Brothers Canada wanted to spread (pun intended) the word to the people of Toronto in a unique way.

To promote the movie, Warner Brothers Canada and Toronto agency Lowe Roche created a storefront window display featuring what amounts to two giant rectangular petri dishes. They petri dishes were then treated with bacteria and fungi and installed as part of a display in the window. Soon the bacteria did what it does best, growing to eventually spell out the name of the movie.

The movie, directed by Steven Soderbergh tells the tale of a plucky virus that does it darnedness to wipe out the entire human population including Gwenyth Paltrow, Jude Law, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet and several other less good looking humans.

Catch it while you can.