L’Oreal Men Expert Knows What He Likes in the Perfect App

L'Oreal Men The Expert AppAnyone in my office will tell you that when I pretend to shave using my iPhone it’s absolutely hilarious. Now, thanks to the L’Oreal Men Expert app I now have an app featuring an electric razor, but also a hair dryer both featuring real-ish sound effects.

Useless yet fun apps have been around as long as the iPhone itself. My iPhone contains the iBeer app, Waterford Crystal’s Clink Clink app or the Zippo Virtual Lighter. I love to play with these apps… in public. Yes, friends… I am ‘that’ guy.

Besides the electric razor and hairdryer the app also contains and even more useless steamy mirror. On the more useful side the app also contains a rundown of the whole line of L’oreal Men Expert products and includes an offer for a Free Sample 10ml of Moisturizer.

The campaign is being driven by a series of tongue-in-cheek videos posted on The Expert YouTube page. The first video in the series featured instructions on how to create the perfect profile picture. One glitch in the campaign is that both videos and the app include prominent links to a Facebook page where The Expert will answer questions. However, the Facebook page is missing in action. A spokesperson posted on the YouTube channel explaining that Facebook has been having problems. This is every client’s worst nightmare, that a crucial piece of an expensive ad campaign is not ready to be deployed or a problem has developed on a platform out of their control.

The L’oreal Expert App can be downloaded in the Apple iTunes store now.