Turkish Airlines Uses QR Flags for London Scavenger Hunt

Turkish Airlines QR Code Scavenger Hunt

Just wrapping up today in London is a campaign from Turkish Airlines that leverages QR codes in a citywide scavenger hunt. Digital billboards on transit shelters display QR codes based on the national flags of countries competing in the London 2012 Olympics. Once the user has scanned a QR code they are redirected to a mobile site where the user can ‘checkin’ to that country.

Other features of the mobile site are; ‘Locations’ which show other QR Flags are in the area around you, ‘Stats’ show you the total number of QR codes you’ve collected, and ‘Offers’ displaying flight specials from London to that destination.

The person who ends up with the most ‘check-ins’ at the end of the contest will win two return ticket to one of Turkish Airlines 200 destinations. The campaign is a great example of how a mobile site can still offer an experience that’s equal to

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Meet the Superhumans of the London Paralympic Games

Meet the Superhuman

Forget everything you thought you knew about strength.
Forget everything you thought you knew about humans.
It’s time to do battle.
Meet the Superhumans.

‘Meet the Superhumans’ is the goosebumps inducing centrepiece of a campaign promoting Channel 4‘s broadcast of the 2012 London Paralympic Games. The video, set to Public Enemy‘s ‘Harder Than You Think’ features some of the leading UK Paralympians looking totally badass.

The video doesn’t hold back on showing the challenges that some of these athletes have had to overcome to be able to compete at this high level. Individual videos featuring more indepth profiles of several of these athletes can be found on the C4 Paralympics YouTube channel.

The video was conceived and directed by Tom Tagholm of Channel 4’s in-house agency 4creative.

Unfortunately there are some complex issues around licensing the backing track – watch an annotated version of the video here.

Channel 4 Paralympic Games – Meet The Superhuman from BasketUSA on Vimeo.


Updated Version of Men at Work’s ‘Down Under’ Rallys Team Australian

Testra Down Under Olympics Ad

The 410 athletes that make up the 2012 Australian Olympics team were sent off to the rallying cry of Men at Work’s 1982 worldwide hit ‘Down Under’. The song is featured in a new ad for Australian mobile provider Telstra, has been become synonymous with Australia. I also introduced the rest of the world to the concept of a ‘Vegemite sandwich’.

The ad features Men at Work vocalist Colin Hay leading a choir, athletes, bar patrons and a stadium full or pumped up Aussies in an updated version of the classic. It was shot in seven different locations in London and took eight weeks to coordinate and shoot.

The updated version ‘Down Under 2012’ is available for download in iTunes.

The ad was created by DDB Sydney.


Beckham Surprises Fans at #TaketheStage Photobooth

Adidas David Beckham Photobooth

David Beckham is a very busy man these days.

Despite being left off the the roster of the British Olympic football squad, and the London Olympics opening a day or two away, Beckham boarded a plane and flew to Philadelphia where he was one of the best players on the field for the MLS All Stars as they defeated Chelsea 3-2.

Beckham still found time to surprise fans at an adidas #takethestage photobooth at Westfield Stratford City shopping centre, located near the Olympic park where fans had been invited to support the Great Britain team. It’s awesome to see the variety of reactions to Beckham as he pokes his head around the corner.


Discover Ireland Ad Invites Londoners to Escape the Madness

Discover Ireland - Escape the Madness

Irish actor Mark O’Dowd, best known in North America as the lovable cop in Bridesmaids, is the voice (and makes a brief appearance) of a new Discover Island campaign that hopes to lure Londoners away from their soon-to-be tourist-clogged streets over to Ireland for a quick visit.

In the ad O’Dowd claims that it may take less time to fly to Ireland than it will for people in London to reach their office, and he challenges two Londoners to a race. City Boy must struggle through traffic, grab a latte and drink it at his desk, while Yer Man (love the names) must fly to Ireland and enjoy a pint of Guinness by the sea. As you can imagine City Boy is facing an uphill battle, while the worst Yer Man faces is an exploding bag or airline peanuts and a errant flock of sheep.

While you’re enjoying the video… I’ll already be on my favorite patio savoring a pint of ‘Guinnee Guinnee Blum Blums’. I’m really hoping that people really say that?

At the end you can choose the option to ‘Escape the Madness‘, where you can win a weekend trip to Ireland or ‘Embrace the Madness‘, where you can win access to the Irish Olympic House and a 200 bar tab.

The ad was put together by Publicis London.

Harrod’s London Holds Pinterest Contest to Inspire Royal-Themed Store Window

Harrod's Street Party Window Pinterest ContestHarrod’s Department Store in London is home to some of the most famous window displays in the world, but they’ve made the call to Pinterest to help design a very special window with the theme ‘Queen’s Diamond Jubiliee Street Party’. Harrod’s have posted an sample Pinterst board to help get participants creative juices flowing.

UK Pinterest users are asked to ‘pin’ images to a board they create with the title ‘Harrod’s Street Party Themed Window’. Once they’ve completed their board, they have to tweet @HarrodsofLondon with a link to the board and the hashtag #HarrodsWindows. The winner will be brought to London for the official unveiling of the window in May.

Deadline for entries in April 19.

For more Pinterest contests, check out ‘5 Examples of Contest Promotions on Pinterest‘ on the Delvinia blog.

Tropicana Fights the Monday Blues With a Giant Sun in Trafalgar Square

Tropicana 'Brighter Mornings' in Trafalgar SquareBack in 2005, University of Cardiff psychologist Cliff Arnall calculated that January 23 (today) was the most depressing day of the year. Turns out the psychologist had created his formula as part of marketing campaign for a travel agency.

Around these parts the days are slowly and surely getting longer; temperatures for the most part are above zero during the day, and no significant snow has (knock wood) been forecast for the near future.

To combat the effect of short winter days Tropicana lit up London’s Trafalgar Square this morning starting at 6am. The early sunrise was part of Tropicana’s ‘Brighter Mornings’ campaign and a special man-made sun thanks to London artist collective Greyworld.

The sun brightened up the Central London morning with the equivalent light 60,000 lightbulbs, and will stay lit until 7:33 this evening providing an extra 3 hours of daylight. Tropicana even provided sunglasses and deckchairs for Londoners to sit back and enjoy the extra daylight.

Evian Invites Londoners to Pop-Up Chalet for Cocktails and Puppies

Evian Alpine ExperienceFirst off, not to pick apart the Evian Alpine Experience, but shouldn’t the puppies be Saint Bernards? Little brandy barrels around their next filled with Evian would have been awesome. However, those Husky pups look pretty darn cute.

Evian UK is bringing the sensations of the it’s mountain source to the south bank of the Thames today (January 12) by creating an Alpine Experience in a pop-up Chalet. Again I am not an Alpine expert, but this which surprisingly like a pink shipping container.

Londoners used the Evian UK Facebook page to win a 45 minute slot inside the ‘chalet’ where they could nibble on treats, enjoy a ‘snow-melt’ cocktail and of course play with puppies.

Red Stripe Hires Designers to Create Incredible Sound Sculpture Using 5000 Beer Cans

Red Stripe Sound SculptureRed Stripe Lager UK commissioned sound artist Yuri Suzuki and designer Mathew Kneebone to create a sound sculpture as the first project in the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ campaign. The 2.5 metre tall sound sculpture is constructed from thousands of Red Stripe cans that were partly collected at the Notting Hill Festival back in August. The video above shows the sound sculpture being demonstrated by DJ Al Fingers, singer/songwriter Gappy Ranks.

Yuri’s sound sculpture is inspired by the DIY spirit of the Jamaican DJs of Red Stripe’s homeland, who first created portable sound systems (a generator, turntables and massive speakers) in the late 1950s. They would load the systems onto trucks and drove to street parties. These DJs began playing American R&B records, but soon began producing their own recordings of local Jamaican music which eventually evolved into ska, reggae and dub, making them an essential part of music history.

The Red Stripe sound sculpture was unveiled at the ‘Make Something From Nothing’ launch event in London’s Village Underground on November 16.

Reebok Promotes CrossFit With the World’s Largest Piece of 3D Street Art

Reebok CrossFit 3D Street ArtThursday, November 17 was Guinness World Record day, and street artists 3D Joe and Max teamed up with Reebok CrossFit to create the largest and longest piece of 3D artwork in London’s West India Quay at Canary Wharf. The artwork features cliffs towering over a deep canyon and took nearly a week to produce and the artists and their crew used 100 paintbrushes, 20 rollers and 50 buckets of paint.

3D Joe and Max have traveled around the world creating breathtaking examples of 3D street art, check out their portfolio for several examples. In the end, the Reebok CrossFit artwork at Canary Wharf claimed two Guinness Records for both the largest (3807 square feet) and longest (350 feet) piece of 3D artwork.

The fact that it was produced for a Guinness World Record attempt is nearly irrelevant, the results are impressive and the scene at 1:01 with kids tossing balls back and forth across the canyon literally made my knees go weak.

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