Project Runway Promotes Season 10 Premiere With Interactive Wall

Project Runway #MakeItWork Interactive Wall

Project Runway returns tonight for Season 10 but virtual versions of Tim Gunn, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garciathe have been hard at work for the past week judging the fashion sense of New Yorkers passing by the 20 foot long interactive wall located on Manhattan’s High Line park.

The judges were recorded against a green screen providing reactions from bored, to head nodding to a standing ovation. The video clips were then cleverly programmed to seamlessly transform from appearing to gossipwith the person neck to them to standing and clapping and then back to their seating position again from .

The reactions are triggered by remote control by an offsite operator depending on the fashion sense of the person walking by.

The installation was created by Nexus Interactive Arts.