Hyundai Australia Recruits Lauryn Eagle for ‘Sexy Gets Angry’ Campaign

Hyundai Australia 'Sexy Gets Angry'

Australian Celebrity Apprentice star, Maxim cover girl and championship boxer Lauryn Eagle stars in a new ‘Sexy Gets Angry’ campaign promoting the Hyundai Veloster SR Turbo.

The video is a cool mix of animation and video that may remind some people of the movie ‘Sin City’. As Lauryn is leaving the boxing gym, she runs into a jewel thief looking for a fast car for a getaway. Soon they are speeding through the city, until a distraction and a solid punch launches the thief out of the car. What happens next is up to the viewer. Should she turn in the jewels to the police, or head for the airport? Or should she donate it all to charity?

Viewers are invited over to the Hyundai Australia Facebook page where they can enter, “What should Lauryn do next with the jewels? Tell us in 50 words or less.”

The top 3 entries win a Veloster SR Turbo Track Day at Eastern Creek Raceway with Lauryn and a professional driver.

The Sexy Gets Angry campaign was created by Innocean Australia.