Interactive Signage at UK Airports Lets You Rev-Up New Range Rover Engine

Range Rover - Interactive Signage

Passengers heading to their flights at Gatwick, Manchester and Stansted Airports were able to stop for a minute and experience the sound of the new Range Rover Sport, thanks to an interactive OOH campaign created by RKCR/Y&R.

An accelerator pedal was added to the display, that when pressed brought the sound of the Range Rover’s new 5.0 litre supercharged engine to life. The display used directional sound so that only the person pushing the accelerator pedal would hear the sounds of the revving engine.

Production was handled by Grand Visual with Curb Media providing the audio technology.

[via The Drum]


Land Rover Releases Stinky Air Fresheners That Smell Like Smoke and Hot Asphalt

Land Rover - City Scent

First invented in the early 1950s by Swiss-born Canadian businessman Julius Sämann, Little Trees air fresheners can be found hanging from the rear-view mirrors of vehicles around the world.

The air fresheners are now available in dozens of fragrances ranging from Cotton Candy to Pina Colada to New Car Scent. The classic scent of Royal Pine that started it all was influenced by the aromatics that Sämann had studied in the forests of Canada.

Speaking of the Canadian outdoors… to promote the introduction of the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Y&R Canada has released a limited edition “City Scent” air freshener for your car featuring the smell of concrete, smoke and hot asphalt. City Scent will provide a pungent reminder to those drivers who wander too far away from town.

The limited edition air fresheners are available to Canadian residents who sign up for updates at

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Parkour Athletes Twist and Tumble In Land Rover-less Ad

Land Rover - Above and Beyond - Parkour

The new ad for Land Rover doesn’t show even a glimpse of any of the carmaker’s off-road vehicles. Instead, it features the skills of four parkour athletes from Tempest Free Running demonstrating through their agility how the Land Rover can overcome the challenges of rugged terrain.

The ad was created by Young & Rubicam, New York, and directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks. As AdWeek pointed out, Murro produced a similarly inspired ad for Saturn in 2002 titled ‘Sheet Metal‘, in which humans took the place of cars.


Agency Promotes Land Rover Test Drives with Replacement ESC Key

Land Rover - Escape Keyboard Key

There’s no shortage of computer users who wish that the ESC button on their computer keyboard would do more than just help them exit from an application. What if you could reach out, click the button and be transported to a warm tropical beach, a quiet clearing in the forest or for those of use with more immediate goals; a choice table in the shady corner of a nearby restaurant patio.

Dubai-based agency Y&R MENA took that idea and brought it to life for their client Land Rover. They created a special keyboard key shaped like a Land Rover, and sent it to prospective customers with an invitation to test drive the real Land Rover LR4. Queries about the vehicle tripled and test drives increased by 208%.

[via Creative Criminals]

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