Kiefer Sutherland Pitches Story-Starter Ideas In New Jose Cuervo Ad

Jose Cuervo - Have a Story

A great man once said, “Every great story starts with tequila.” Come to think of it, I think that may have been the words of someone I went to college with, and most of those “great stories” involved lengthy explanations to girlfriends, landlords and maybe a police officer or two.

Jose Cuervo wants you to have a story, and they’ve brought on Kiefer Sutherland in a new 60 second commercial, to provide you with some idea starters. Sutherland, who is no stranger to being the subject of booze-fueled adventures, recently made headlines for a drunken striptease (actually, he only removed his shirt) in Calgary on an off-night from filming the movie Redemption.

So, it seems whether you’re into musical performances on public transportation, bare-knuckle fighting in dimly-lit warehouses, or just having a few friends over for a few games of spin the tequila bottle. Whether you’ll be able to remember your story the next morning (or on the witness stand) is a whole other thing. Just remember, drink responsibly and stay out of the newspapers.

You can follow other peoples epic adventures by searching the hashtag #cuervostory on Twitter or Facebook.

The ad was created by McCann New York, and directed by Dante Ariola for MJZ.

[via Agency Spy]