Jamaican Tourist Board Writes Romantic Valentine Tweets In the Sand

Jamaica Tourist Board - Valentine's Day Tweets in the Sand

This Valentine’s Day as we bundle ourselves up against the cold winter winds, shed a frozen tear for the team at DraftFCB NY who are sequestered at a private beach in Frenchman’s Cove, Port Antonio, Jamaica.

The agency is collaborating with the Jamaican Tourist Board for a special Valentine’s-themed social media campaign. The team will take your romantic tweets posted with the hashtag #jamaicavalentine, write them in the warm beach sand and post the results to Twitter and Facebook.

The person posting the most romantic tweet will win a 3 night stay at Secrets St. James Montego Bay.

My favorite tweet of the day has to be: “I will love you until the zombies get you”.

[via Business Insider]

photo from Facebook


Red Stripe Ref Makes the Official Call on ‘That’ Super Bowl Car Commercial

Red Stripe Ref Makes Official Call on VW Ad

Jamaican beer brand Red Stripe may not name the brand in question, but anyone who follows advertising knows how Volkswagen’s official Super Bowl ad ‘Get Happy’ has stirred up controversy. The ad features a a white office guy (from Minnesota, Land of a “Towsend” Lakes) speaking with a distinctive Jamaican accent, eventually winning over his glum co-workers with his ‘no worries’ attitude.

In an article on the Mercury News, VW spokesman, Scott Vazin said critics have it all wrong, “If you look at the whole intent of the commercial for us, it’s about making people happy. The idea is to put a smile on your face. It’s simple and human and humorous.”

The clip was just one in a series posted to Red Stripe’s YouTube, Twitter and Facebook during and just after the game, with shout-outs to Beyonce’s half-time show, and the winning coach Harbaugh.

[via Meme Machine]