Buongiorno Tokyo! Milan Metro Stop Transformed Into Japanese Subway Station

Fastweb Milan Tokyo Subway Stop

Monday morning commuters on the Milan Metro arrived at Moscova Station to find themselves at what appeared to be a stop on the Tokyo subway. Milan-based agency M&CSaatchi had worked overnight to transform the station’s platform into Shibuya Station, one of the busiest stations on the Tokyo subway in a promotion for Italian internet-provider Fastweb.

The subway was staged complete with Japanese signage, advertising, and dozens of Japanese people posing as what everyday Tokyo commuters supposedly look like.

Having never visited Tokyo, I’ll have to rely on others to tell me if I would really see Geisha girls on a typical Monday morning commute.

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Geox Tests Waterproof Boots in the Rainiest Place on Earth… During Monsoon Season

Geox Amphibiox Cherrapunjee

What better place for Italian shoe brand Geox to conduct a test their Amphibiox waterproof boots than the rainiest place on earth… during monsoon season. The town of Cherrapunjee is located in Meghalaya state, northeastern India, and has an average annual rainfall of 12,028 mm. By comparison, one of the rainiest place in Canada is Hartley Bay – located south of Prince Rupert in BC – with an annual rainfall of 4549 mm, is far less than half the rainfall of Cherrapunjee.

The brand brought along four ‘product testers’, who they recruited earlier this summer on the Geox Facebook page. Along for the experience were: Venice Tour Guide, Andrea D’Alpaos; Spanish lawyer, David Subirats; Swiss photographer, Claudia Leisinger; and British ski instructor, Rob Spears.

The test is presented as a journey through the streets of Cherrapunjee. One by one, you meet each of the ‘testers’ and see a short film of their exploration in the village, forests and caves in the area. The gorgeously shot films are a pleasure to watch, and despite the gloominess of the environment, the beauty is more than apparent in the landscape and faces of the local people.

Data displayed on the top of the screen shows how many steps were taken in the boots, how much rain they were exposed to, the terrain, external temperature and of course, the dryness inside the boot.

The site was created by Oslo agency, SMFB, video was directed by with Rohan Blair-Mangat and production by London’s Stinkdigital.

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Benetton Launches ‘Unemployee of the Year’ Campaign to Support Non-Employed Youth

Benetton - Unemployee of the Year

United Colors of Benetton has long been well-known for it’s thought-provoking advertising, including a recent campaign featuring images of world leaders locking lips together.

Now the Italian fashion brand is launching the ‘Unemployee of the Year’, a contest to support the ideas of young non-employed people between the ages of 18 and 30.

Participants are invited to submit outlines of their projects at the UNHATE Foundation website, along with details of their ‘non-work experience’. Their project ideas will be voted on by other members of the community, and the 100 most deserving projects receive €5,000 have their projects turned into reality.

The initiative was created by FABRICA, in cooperation with 72andsunny Amsterdam

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Lexus GS Hybrid Test Ride Sets Passengers Hearts Racing

Lexus Hybrid 120 BPM

The typical way that car companies have promoted their Hybrid cars is to stress their eco-friendliness.

Recently Lexus Italy challenged that way of thinking by inviting a group of potential customers out for a ride-a-long with a race car driver. The customers were even wired-up with heart monitors to see if they could keep their heart rate under 120 bpm while getting the ride of the lives. They couldn’t.

After viewing the video and seeing heart rates approaching and passing 190 bpm, I realized I had no idea how to calculate by maximum heart rate.

According to the Ontario Ministry of Health the method to calculate your maximum heart rate (MHR) is to subtract your age from 220 for men and 226 for women. For exercise multiply your MHR by 0.55 to get the lower exercise range and by 0.7 for the high range.

The experience was created by Saatchi & Saatchi Milan.


IKEA Turns Port-a-Potty Into Bathroom Design Showcase

IKEA Turns Port-a-Potty into Bathroom Product ShowcaseThe lowly Porta Potty may be a welcome destination when the need hits, but it’s also the last place you want to spend much quality time unless you’re looking to perfect your ‘hover’ technique.

With this in mind, IKEA pulled the old switcheroo on people attending the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan back in April.

Relief-seekers were drawn to what looked like a common portable toilet, but was in fact a portal into a 20 square meter lavish showcase for their latest innovations in bathroom design.

A hidden-camera captured the surprised reactions of washroom goers, as they tried out the products and features, and some even brought their friends in with them.

The campaign comes from Milan agency 1861 United.