Ford Europe Celebrates New 2012 Fiesta With Instagram Photo Contest

Ford Europe hosts Instagram Photo ContestDozens of brands like Starbucks, Pepsi, Red Bull are using Instagram to share behind-the-scenes photos with their followers, others such as Ford Europe are using the popular photo sharing app as a photo contest mechanism.

The Fiestagram campaign celebrates new technology found in the 2012 Ford Fiesta, including rear-view mirror camera, keyless entry, and MP3 and USB connectivity. Each week the panel of judges review the entries to determine which Instagram photographer has created the most original and relevant interpretation of the car’s feature. There are weekly prizes and grand prize of a new Ford Fiesta Titanium.

The panel includes editorial photographer James Day; Philippe Gonzalez, founder of; Scott Monty, Ford’s Digital & Multimedia Communications Manager and Luca Anania founder of @photooftheday.

The #Fiestagram hashtag contains nearly 12,000 photos.

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Randy MathesonI am a Nova Scotia raised Creative Guy, currently Director of Emerging Media at Delvinia, a Digital Strategy & Customer Experience Design Firm in Toronto. I’m a huge fan of the creative use of digital technologies in social media, marketing, sports and entertainment. I use this blog to share the more interesting examples that I find. If you’re in need of a break, join me over at for a cocktail.

Clever Ad Concept Uses Customized QR Codes to Connect to Mobile Users to App Store

QR Code Ad Concepts

This series of ad concepts created by UK digital agency Stupid showcase just how creative you can be when using a QR code in an ad or poster. The QR code itself is constructed of of elements from Angry Birds and Instagram in these examples.

When developing a campaign using QR Code (especially a creative solution such as these) you must remember the following;

  • Maintain a contrast between the darker and light areas of the QR Code so that it can still be easily read
  • Know your environment. Is it well lit? How far will your user be from the creative? Knowing this will help you understand what the ideal size is for your QR code.
  • Test with multiple apps on different mobile devices

Remember that the QR code itself is simply a trigger to activate a mobile experience. Whether it’s RFID, NFC, SMS or your user is tapping in a URL your destination should be optimized for mobile users. I know it seems logical, but everyday I find QR codes that drive unfortunate users to traditional web pages where a user is forced to scroll their way around.

These concepts are great examples of using QR codes to complete a simple end-to-end mobile experience.

Via Ad Goodness

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Randy MathesonI am a Nova Scotia raised Creative Guy, currently Director of Emerging Media at Delvinia, a Digital Strategy & Customer Experience Design Firm in Toronto. I’m a huge fan of the creative use of digital technologies in social media, marketing, sports and entertainment. I use this blog to share the more interesting examples that I find. If you’re in need of a break, join me over at for a cocktail.

Nice Rack! UK Fashion Retailer Promotes Fall/Winter Collection with Rutting Season Photo Contest

Ted Baker - Rutting Season CampaignLondon fashion retailer Ted Baker is promoting its ‘Worn to be Wild’ autumn/winter collection with the ‘It’s Rutting Season’ campaign. Where I grew up the fashion choice during Rutting Season was as much eye-catching hunter’s orange as you could find.

Participants are asked to visit Ted Baker stores in Glasgow (Sat Oct.15th), Manchester (Sat Oct.15th) and London (Sat Oct.22nd) to try on an item from the collection. Oh, there’s one more thing; you have to wear a deer mask and have your picture taken to participate. It is a celebration of rutting season after all. The photos will be taken by a different fashion blogger in each city using the iPhone Instagram app.

You can check out the photos using Webstagram, or on Ted’s Rutting Gallery on their Facebook page.

The photos are then posted in the Rutting Season gallery where participants tag themselves, then share the photo with their Facebook friends. The stag and doe in each city with the most Likes, each will receive £500 worth of Ted Baker vouchers.

The campaign was created London agency Guilded Collective.

Postagram App Creates and Mails Postcards from Instagram

Postagram creates postcards from Instagram

Sharing photos is one of the most popular activities on the internet thanks to social media sites and improved smartphone cameras. I just did a quick count and I shared five photos just this afternoon. Facebook users are uploading photos to the site at the rate of nearly 6 billion per month… yes 6 beeeeellion (said just like Dr. Evil).

One of the newest photo sharing sites, Instagram surpassed 150 million uploads on August 3, and it’s not even been around for a year yet. Instagram is an iPhone app (Android coming sometime) that allows users to apply photo filters to give their digital pics a retro-looking feel. Users can follow other users, like or comment, and share their photos to their Twitter or Facebook profiles.

Postagram an app for iPhone and Android, allows it’s users to select photos from their Instagram or Facebook accounts, then create and mail a physical postcard to a friend. Each postcard costs 99 cents and usually delivered within the US in 2-3 business days, international addresses can take a bit longer. The postcard features the profile pic of the sender, a 140 character message and the photo itself can be popped out of the postcard when it arrives.

Postcards have been around for nearly 150 years but like handwritten letters are rarely seen in these days of instant internet and mobile communications. While I doubt that apps like Postagram can revive physical postcards, it does provide the opportunity to create a special personalized souvenir.

Postagram can be downloaded for free from the US iTunes store or in the Anroid Market.

WSJ Hurricane Irene Live Blog Pulls in Instagram Pics

WSJ Live Blog - Hurricane IreneWhile I am safe and far away from the effects of Hurricane Irene here in Toronto, I am still entertaining myself watching CNN reporters being pummeled by the driving rains and high winds. Hopefully everyone will stay safe and any property damage from the Irene will be minimal.

Besides watching coverage on TV throughout the day, I’ve been checking in as The Wall Street Journal posts storm updates on the Hurricane Irene Live Blog. The reports are supplemented by a feed of Instagram user’s photos that feature the hashtags #Irene, #HurricaneIrene and #hurricane.

Dealing with a hurricane usually involves heading inland to higher ground or hunkering down behind plywood-covered windows, but according to these Instagram photos it appears most people are coping with the storm with board games, great food and wine. The photos of user’s regular life are a welcome relief from the non-stop visuals of weather maps, tornado warnings and yes, reporters being rained on.

Instagram now at 7 million users
On August 3rd Instagram reported that 150 million photos have now been shared by its 7 million users since October, 2010. In fact, Instagram users are now sharing photos with each other at the rate of 15 photos per second adding up to 1.3 million photos being shared per day.

Chicago PR firm Golin Harris Creates Lollaplooza Instagram Mashup

LollaGramThis weekend marks the 20th anniversary of the first Lollapalooza festival, and the sixth year it’s been held at Grant Park in downtown Chicago. The 2011 edition includes acts like Eminem, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, My Morning Jacket, Muse and dozens of others.

Chicago PR firm GolinHarris has created LollaGram, a nice little mashup application that ‘calls’ photos from Instagram. The application dubbed Lollagram searches from descriptions of photos that include Lollapalooza, Lolla or Lolla2011.

It should be a great weekend of music and seeing fan pictures of the performances, exhibits and each other will only make me regret not attending even more. 🙁

YouTube will be offering two channels of performances from Lollapalooza starting tomorrow, check out the jam-packed schedule.

The Vaccines Crowdsource New Video From Fans’ Instagram Pics

The VaccinesWay back in 1988 Bon Jovi literally crowdsourced clips for their Bad Medicine video in a very ‘old school’ way. They distributed video and film cameras to 250 fans and told them to shoot whatever they want. 23 years later. Imagine how easy it would be to create a video like this in 2011 when it seems like everyone has a camera pointed at the stage.

One of the hottest new bands out of the UK in 2011 is the Vaccines. Their debut album, What Did You Expect from the Vaccines? went to #4 in the UK charts. They’re due here in Toronto for a sold out show on September 27th at The Phoenix.

The band is looking to create a new video for the track ‘Wetsuit’ using images that their fans have captured using the iPhone app Instagram. Fans are asked to upload their best images from summer festivals with the hashtag #VACCINESVIDEO. Fans without iPhones can email their pictures to So far over 650 videos have been pulled into a gallery from Instagram.

This is not the first time that Instragram has been used by music artists this summer. Previously I posted about The Deftones and Moby using the app.

Projects like this are great examples of the bonds that can be created between performers and their audience through crowdsourcing content through social media platforms. In the past a project like this would have taken several months to pull together, if it could have been done at all.

Deftones Engage Fan Base With Instagram Contest

Deftones Instagram ContestSacramento hard-rock band the Deftones have been early-adopters of internet technology to stay connected to their fans and it’s paid off. While other rock bands of the late 90s and early 00s have faded from relevance and any measure of success, the Deftones have continued to release new material to a vibrant and eager fan base.

The latest tool the band interactive arsenal is the iPhone photo sharing app Instagram, where they already have over 9300 followers. During their current North American tour they are asking fans to post and tag (#deftones #cityofconcert) the best photos from each tour stop. Each day one photo will be named the “Fan of the day and will be featured on the Deftones Facebook wall. At the end of the tour all featured photos will be entered in a draw for a grand prize of an ESP guitar and 5 runner up prizes of a signed copy of their 1997 breakthrough album ‘Around the Fur’.

Their website features a long-running Community area which was first established in 2000 with DeftonesWorld, over the years an area for fan posts and the Sharing Lungs forum were added.

The band has a solid and established presence across all the major social networks: their YouTube channel has 36,390 subscribers and millions of views, their MySpace page has 615,533 friends, the Deftones iLike profile shows 423,112 friends, on Twitter they tweet to 84,904 followers, and biggest of all, the Facebook fan page with 1,385,723 Likes.

Bands, like any company or organization cannot be complacent about staying engaged with their fans. They can no longer afford to wait on the chance of one big hit album, instead they must rely on maintaining a loyal fanbase with a long term vision. This is something than bands like the Deftones understand and remain focussed on.

‘You’ve Seen the Butcher’ from Deftones 2010 album ‘Diamond Eyes’.

Moby Promotes New Album with Fan-Fueled Instagram Microsite

Moby DestroyedElectronic musician Moby is promoting the release of his new album ‘Destroyed’ with a microsite by asking fans around the world to use Instagram to share photos of their city at 2am. The album release will be accompanied by a book of Moby’s photos taken while on tour.

Considering the travel across timezones, a different hotel room everynight, it’s no wonder that Moby has trouble sleeping while on tour. Taking advantage of being up, he wrote most of the album late in the evening when it seemed to him that he was the only one awake. Moby describes the album as a soundtrack for empty cities.

The site features a scrollable map of the world (using Polymaps, a cool javascript library of interactive maps) showing white dots for photos taken by Moby and black dots for photos shared by fans on Instagram using the hashtag #destroyed. The site also features a stream of the full ‘Destroyed’ album using Soundcloud, which has recently been used by mainstream artists such as Foo Fighters and Beyonce to showcase their new music.

As for the album ‘Destroyed’, if you like the music of Moby you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re looking for anything new or were wanting to see Moby experiment this may not the album you’ve been waiting for.