IKEA Norway Creates Campaign to Sell Customers’ Used Furniture

IKEA Norway - The Second Hand

A frequent site in urban and suburban areas is used furniture placed next to a dumpster or waiting on the curb for pickup. Granted some of these pieces are beyond recovery and are indeed ready for the landfill or scrap heap. But, some pieces of furniture still have life left in them, and just need some TLC to be useful again.

A recently completed campaign for IKEA Norway saw the company and their Oslo-based agency SMFB create a secondary market for customer’s used IKEA furniture. The campaign dubbed “The Second Hand” started with IKEA asking customers who were shopping for new furniture whether they’d like the retailer to help sell their old furniture. From this group the agency selected 50 volunteers and brought their furniture to the studio to star in professional photo and video shoots.

During the next 8-weeks IKEA shared their advertising space across TV, outdoor, print and social media with their Oslo customers. Each ad featured the new IKEA item that the customer had bought and the piece they were getting rid of, along with the actual phone number of the seller

In addition to the advertising placements, for several Sundays the IKEA Norway Facebook page was turned into a Flea Market (or Bruktmarket) where even more customers could post their used furniture for others to buy. The items would be displayed from 11am – 5pm before the fleamarket was closed and the items were deleted from the page.

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How Well Do You Know Your Swedish Furniture and Death Metal Bands?

Gatesman + Dave - Ikea product name or Death Metal band name

A quick trip to get new meeting room furniture at a local Ikea store has turned into worldwide exposure for Pittsburgh ad agency Gatesman+Dave. Sam Panico, Senior Copywriter at the agency (and a big metal fan) joked with Associate Creative Director Jeff Barton, how Ikea’s product names resembled the name of death metal bands.

The joke developed into an online game they dubbed “Ikea or Death“, in which visitors must guess whether a word is an Ikea product name or a death metal band. Panico leaked the game to a few friends on social media sites and posted it to Reddit, where it attracted thousands of users in the first few hours.

The game released on Wednesday, October 9 has attracted more than 428,000 Likes in just 3 days. I sadly scored only 11/20, which according to the developers is average.

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Awesome or Creepy? Dolls Make the Most of Small Spaces in New IKEA UK Ad

IKEA - One Room Paradise

Despite what you may see in TV ads, or real estate show, not all families lives in a large suburban home or spacious downtown condominiums. So, it’s refreshing to see ‘One Room Paradise’, a new ad for IKEA UK, showing how a young mother and son brighten up their small apartment with colourful and useful items from the Swedish company.

However, the mother, son (and babysitter? grandmother, neighbour?) give off a slight creep-factor, thanks to their large plastic doll heads.

As usual, the music choice is spot on. The track is a remake of a song from Aretha Franklin 1964 album Runnin’ Out of Fools, sung by Elayna Boynton. Elayna teamed up with Anthiony Hamilton to perform Freedom, featured on the Django Unchained soundtrack.

The ad was created by Mother London, and directed by Megaforce for Riff Raff Films.

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Garden Gnomes Take a Billy Bookshelf Hostage In Response to IKEA Ad

UK Water Features - IKEA Gnome Response

Earlier this month ‘Time for Change‘ a new ad from IKEA UK featured a family battling an unruly horde of vengeful gnomes for control of their back garden.

But now the gnomes have struck back in a response video fearuring Water Bucket Walter, leader and spokesgnome of OMG (Opposing Mindless Gnomism). The gnomes have taken a Billy bookshelf hostage and are threatening to make him pay unless IKEA admits that gnomes have a place in Britain’s gardens.

The video was produced by Sixty Second Video for UK Water Features, a Yorkshire-based garden product company that specializes in indoor & outdoor garden water features and other garden products.

Your move IKEA…

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Family Battles Pissed Off Garden Gnomes in New IKEA Ad

IKEA Gnomes - Time for Change

For power ballad aficionados and fans of hard rockers Mötley Crüe specifically, the song in this new IKEA UK ad may sound familiar. “Time for Change’, featured on the band’s 1989 album Dr. Feelgood, is performed here by The Palace of Budapest Philharmonic Orchestra and The Heritage Singers.

In the ad a family is sprucing up their dreary back garden with colourful IKEA outdoor furniture, much to the chagrin of an army of surly garden gnomes.

The ‘Time for Change’ ad, which launches April 13, was created by Mother London, and directed by Mike Maguire for Biscuit Filmworks.

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Swedish Family Exchanges Peaceful Sleep Spots in IKEA ‘Night Walkers’ Ad

IKEA Night Walkers

IKEA’s newest ad features a Swedish family that just wants to get a few minutes of peaceful sleep… and some personal space.

Whether it’s dad waking up in the car, mom in the bathtub, or the family dog in the kid’s bed, everyone has colorful, fresh IKEA sheets, pillows and comforters to keep them warm.

It’s too bad IKEA didn’t make pants.

The ‘Night Walkers’ ad is Stockholm-based agency Akestam Holst’s first work for the iconic Swedish brand. The spot was directed by Jesper Ericstam for Social Club.

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Cardboard Suits and Tin Foil Underpants: Ikea Imagines a World Without Textiles

Ikea - Life Without Textiles

Ikea has released a new video where they imagine what a world without textiles might look like.

The cardboard suit does look a tad stiff and uncomfortable, but nothing compared to a close-call with cactus covered arm chair. The young mother’s dress consists of broken plates and cups and the baby’s clothes is made up of leaves. Seems the only soft and fuzzy thing in their lives is the rabbit, who I thought was about to be used as an impromptu towel after the shower scene.

Life doesn’t get much easier once the couple heads off to bed either. Their bed is made of hay with a log for a pillow, the man’s pajamas are made of grass and the wife’s is wearing flowers.

The music in the video is a rendition of the Bread classic ‘Everything I Own’ by Brooklyn band Maplewood.

The ad was created by McCann New York and directed by Olivier Babinet of Paranoid US.


IKEA Turns Port-a-Potty Into Bathroom Design Showcase

IKEA Turns Port-a-Potty into Bathroom Product ShowcaseThe lowly Porta Potty may be a welcome destination when the need hits, but it’s also the last place you want to spend much quality time unless you’re looking to perfect your ‘hover’ technique.

With this in mind, IKEA pulled the old switcheroo on people attending the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan back in April.

Relief-seekers were drawn to what looked like a common portable toilet, but was in fact a portal into a 20 square meter lavish showcase for their latest innovations in bathroom design.

A hidden-camera captured the surprised reactions of washroom goers, as they tried out the products and features, and some even brought their friends in with them.

The campaign comes from Milan agency 1861 United.


IKEA Sleep ‘Expert’ Reveals the Seven Categories of Australian Sleepers

IKEA seven types of Australian sleepersIKEA Sleep Expert Alvar Kalsson (played by actor Matt Sterne) and his research team have traveled far to help identify the seven categories of sleepers in Australia. As Alvar explains, “Sleep is an important part of life, we spend nearly as much time sleeping as we do listening to ABBA“. (now ‘Dancing Queen is my head, damn you Kalsson!)

While I have never watched myself sleep, based on the condition of the bed in the morning I’ll classify myself as the ‘Virder och Vänder’ or Tosser and Turner. Watch the videos and figure out which type of sleeper you are. Or, better ask your bed mate, they may have a different opinion.

The seven categories are:

  • Starfish (Sjöstjärna)
  • Log (Stocken)
  • Black Belt (Svart Bälte)
  • Snuggler (Mysaren)
  • Hökey Pökey
  • Chatterbox (Pratkvarnen)
  • Tosser and Turner (Virder och Vänder)

Each category of sleeper is recommended a different type of IKEA bed that best suits their sleeping style.

The campaign was created by PR agency One Green Bean with production handled by DangerMouse Productions.


IKEA Hosts 5 Roommates at Apartment Built in Paris Subway

IKEA Paris Subway ApartmentNext time you’re down in the subway waiting for your train to come, consider how comfortable it would be to live there for a week. Well, that’s exactly what IKEA France is doing for five people in a Paris subway station starting on Monday.

Roommates Jeanne, Audrey, Anis, Lucie and Benjamin will be living in public all week in a specially built 54 square meter apartment constructed on the subway platform at Auber Station.The 5 will demonstrate how IKEA can optimize a small space and make it a comfortable living space for anyone. Each day the highlights of their adventures will be posted at YouTube.

Once they’ve left the apartment on Saturday, they’ll turn it over to a lucky IKEA France Facebook fan and their 12 friends for a great end-of-the-week party

The campaign was created by Paris creative agency Ubi Bene.

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