Huggies’ Pregnancy Belt Lets Dads Feel Their Baby’s Kick

Huggies - Pregnant Dads

Sometimes I can’t decide whether projects like this one are brilliant or ridiculous. Maybe it’s a little from column A, a little from columnb B. What I am sure of is that everyday something wildly creative and unexpected is being produced the ad agencies in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.

In this case, Ogilvy Argentina and Huggies spent 4 months developing a belt that replicates the baby’s movements and kicks in real-time from the mom’s belly to the dad’s belly. There’s no mention whether the belts would be used beyond the development of this ad.

The belts look a bit silly, but the dad’s in the video look genuinely touched by the experience.

[via Creative Criminals]


Huggies Brings Argentine Newborns Together for a Very Special Friends Day

Huggies: My First Friend

Every year on July 20, Argentinians celebrate El Día del Amigo, Friends Day. Teacher, musician (and dentist) Enrique Febbraro came up with the idea to celebrate Friend’s Day in Argentina after seeing the world come together in 1969 to observe man’s first steps on the moon. Friends day is also celebrated in Brazil and Uruguay on July 20 and July 30 in Paraguay.

Huggies and Ogilvy & Mather Argentina came together to create a special event for Friends Day, designing a special crib so that two newborns could spend the special day together. The event took with the support of the babies’ parents, as well as the obstetricians and nurses of the Bazterrica Clinic in Buenos Aires.