Gordon Ramsey’s New Show Promoted with ‘Maid From Hell’ Gross-Out

Maid from Hell

Who knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the hotels and motels? Gordon Ramsey does, and with ‘Hotel Hell‘ debuting on August 13th, the celebrity chef is bringing his no-nonsense style and team of hospitality experts to rehab some of the most appalling hotels and B&Bs in America. You may never want to leave home again after watching.

How bad could things get? Ramsey told reporters at Fox’s Television Critics Association fall TV previews Monday, “if [hotels] suggest they will upgrade you to the honeymoon suite, don’t take it. I’m trying to be serious because it is somewhat shocking. I just didn’t think it could shoot that far.”

Yes, apparently things get that bad.

To promote Hotel Hell, production company Ralph & Co. have launched the ‘Maid From Hell‘ website. The site connects to your Facebook account to personalize the experience with your name, profile picture and a few images from your photo albums.

While you’re out of your room enjoying the day the Maid from Hell is in your room doing things that nightmares are made of. She’s left a little present on your towel and another one on your toothbrush. She’s checked out your Facebook account and the mini bar, she’s left you one last little present before moving onto the room of the next lucky guest.

[via Adrants]