Chupa Chups’ Halloween Costumator Creates Last-Minute Costume Ideas

Chupa Chups - Halloween Custumator

Don’t look now, but it’s already October 31st and you’ve run out of time to come up with an awesome Halloween costume.

Look around and you’ll see that every second person is dressing up as a zombie or Miley Cyrus, or a zombie Miley Cyrus. You’re going to need some fresh ideas soon if you’re going to stand out at your Halloween party.

The Singapore office of BBH and Chupa Chups have come up with a solution in the form of the Costumator. Simply grab a nice face-on headshot of yourself using your webcam or from your Facebook album, then pull the lever.

The Costumator will take several costume ideas and assemble them into a single bizarre idea. You could end up looking pretty as Victorian Beckham, Julius Teaser or Miley Virus (you can’t get away from her).

[via The Inspiration Room]


AT&T Reveals Shocking Evidence of Photobombing by Ghosts

AT&T and HTC - Ghostbombing

With only a few days to go before Halloween, it’s comforting to finally confirm what we’ve all known for years. That ghosts have been gleefully photobombing our precious photo moments for years.

Renowned (yet completely fake) ghost expert, Leslie Enlow PhD is here to confirm this activity, thanks (of course) to AT&T the HTC One X, which allows users to easily pull stills from video.

The video was created by BBDO.

[via Adrants]

Kmart’s Halloween Costume Challenge Sets World Record

Kmart Halloween Costume Challenge

Nearly 36 percent of Americans say their biggest source of Halloween costume inspiration comes from what they see in retail stores or costumer shops, according to data collected by the National Retail Federation. A third use online search, and 26 percent turn to friends & family for inspiration.

One of those US retailers, Kmart along with their ad agency Draftfcb Chicago, have created a very cool ad featuring a selection of their Halloween costumes. The ad, filmed using 360 degree cameras, features dancer Monternez “Monty” Rezel of America’s Got Talent. Kmart challenged Rezel to get in and out of 150 of their Halloween costumes in 8 hours.

The event was filmed in a parking lot of a Kmart store in northwest Chicago and broadcast on Livestream. When it was done, Rezel had managed 150 costume changes in just 6 hours and 5 minutes, setting a Guinness World Record in the process.

I love the zombie doctor, werewolf and creepy clown costumes, but that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is a bit dodgy.

The track featured in the ad is ‘Like Wolves’ by David Condos track and is available on Bandcamp.


Zombies Star in new Heart & Stroke Foundation Campaign ‘The UnDeading’

Heart and Stroke Foundation - #TheUndeading

There’s no denying that first aid training is an essential skill to have in daily life, let alone in a natural disaster, ‘rage’ virus outbreak or zombie apocalypse. If we’ve learned anything from movies and TV shows like ’28 Days Later’, ‘Shaun of the Dead’, ‘Zombieland’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ is that you have to stay healthy, be able to keep moving, and of course double-tap, because your brain in like a walking-talking candy store to the recently departed.

This week the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada has released an aggressive campaign to raise awareness of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). The horror-movie style PSA features a woman surrounded on all sides by approaching zombies. With zombies closing in she loses consciousness suffering what may have been a heart attack. Surprisingly, the zombies are able to use their CPR skills to revive the woman before… well, I’ll just let you watch it to find out.

The campaign will hopefully spur enough people to join in a Guinness World Record attempt for the largest number of people trained in CPR at one time. The event will happen October 25 at Canada’s Wonderland during the annual Halloween Haunt.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation is also promoting CPR training to the undead at The Toronto Zombie Walk on October 20.

The campaign comes from Toronto’s Agency59, with video direction from Vincenzo Natali (Splice, Cube), with production by Cartilage and FX from Alter Ego.


Stuck for a Halloween Costume? How to Dress Like ‘Flo the Progressive Girl’

Dress Like Flo This HalloweenMonday is Halloween, and in addition to the usual vampires and ghosts coming to your door you’re bound to come face-to-face with the odd Lady GaGa, Captain America, Jack Sparrow and god forbid, maybe even a Charlie Sheen or two. You can even add Progressive Insurance’s popular spokesperson and insurance-store cashier Flo to that list of possible trick or treaters as well.

The insurance company has created ‘Dress Like Flo‘, a helpful instructional page with tips on choosing clothes, hair and makeup preparation tips for all the Flo wannabes. A downloadable nametag, logo and button will complete the look. If you don’t feel like creating your own costume, you can find the ‘official’ Flo costume on Amazon.

Flo was created back in 2008 by ad agency Arnold Worldwide, and is played by actress and comedian Stephanie Courtney. The perky Flo even has her own very popular Facebook page with over 3 million ‘likes’.

What other advertising icons do you expect to see out-and-about this Halloween?

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