Interactive Grolsch Video Invites Viewers to Text for Free Beer

Grolsch - Officer Jount

If you’re in the UK and you’re thirsty, you’re just a text away from claiming a free 4 pack of Grolsch courtesy of the stoic policeman Journt Von Deg, the most notorious police officer in the Netherlands. Journt makes criminals read their own rights and can make a perp sing like a canary with just the flare of a nostril.

Character speaks far louder than words, meet Journt at and wait for him to flash his business card, then send him a text with your name to the number listed.

In the interactive video Officer Jount pulls out his mobile phone, looks down and your name appears on the screen. Jount then types back to you with a message a link to get your free Grolsch 4-pack.

[via PSFK]