Peugeot Promotes Hybrid4 Features with Interactive Graphic Novel

Peugeot Hybrid4 Graphic Novel

French-automaker Peugeot is promoting its new 3008 Hybrid 4 with an interactive graphic novel titled ‘A Mission in Four Modes’. The graphic novel is presented as a a visually stunning parallax HTML5 website.

A parallax website is designed with multiple layered backgrounds that move at slightly different speeds creating an illusion of depth. recently posted 30 great examples of parallax scrolling websites.

A Mission in Four Modes features a female spy who’s trying to grab a few pictures of some secret information that she’s obviously not supposed to see. As the door blasts open and guns are drawn, we see the mission switch to ‘sport mode’ for a quick escape. Our heroine dives through the glass window and races away from the guard dogs, and the chase is on.

The story was illustrated by Gerald Parel (who has designed covers for Marvel) with site developed by Sylvain Tran for Paris agency BETC Digital.

Axe Promotes New Fragrance With Fan Influenced Graphic Novel

Axe Anarchy Fragrance Graphic NovelThis week (Jan 10) Unilever brand Axe launched Anarchy, a new fragrance that they are marketing to not just their traditional young male audience, but this time also to young women.

To get the word out, digital agency Razorfish are telling the story of the fragrance’s creation as a serialized graphic novel that is being written and illustrated in real-time based on suggestions by it’s fans on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

In fact, the artists and writers of Aspen Comics will be including some of the contributors into the graphic novel as characters as the story develops.

If you’re at all familiar with Axe’s past marketing efforts you won’t be very shocked to see that story too consists mostly of super-hot women losing their minds when the scent of an Axe product reaches their nose. Let’s hope that the contributors can steer the story in a more interesting way.

AMC’s Breaking Bad Introduces Jesse Pinkman Interactive Graphic Novel

Breaking Bad - The Cost of Doing Business Graphic Novel GameWe’re already several episodes into Season Four of AMC’s Breaking Bad and the intensity level is ramping up. AMC has always had great extra features supporting the show on their website. This year we have a weekly podcast, blogs by Hank and Marie and an interactive Gale crime scene evidence file.

But the coolest addition this year is the The Cost of Doing Business – an interactive graphic novel game featuring Jesse Pinkman. In the game you play Jesse’s role trying to deal with prostitutes, sleazy lawyers (yes, Saul makes an appearance), a hitman and dangerous thugs to get as much of your stolen money back as you can. Your success depends on how your react to the other characters, threatening them, paying them off or providing them with meth. Or, in one scene you must beat the high score on a video game called Alien Slaughter to get crucial information from a pair of thugs in a bar.

This isn’t the first time that Breaking Bad has created a graphic novel based on a character. In Season Three viewers were asked to help DEA Agent Hank Schrader try to outsmart a criminal in The Interrogation.