German Boys Choir Sings Mad World to Bring Attention to Universal Children’s Day

International Children's Day - Lost Choir

‘Mad World’ was first released 30 years ago, becoming the first chart hit for Tears for Fears. In 2001, composers Michael Andrews and Gary Jules produced a haunting stripped-down version of the song for the soundtrack of ‘Donnie Darko’. That version has become even more well-known, hitting #1 in the UK during the holiday season in 2003.

To help bring attention to Universal Children’s Day on November 20th, German boy’s choir Wuppertaler Kurrende not only performed ‘Mad World’, but they demonstrate the tragic fact that every three seconds the world loses a child.

This year many children will not live to see their fifth birthday, due to hunger, malnutrition, dirty water or the absence of vaccines, among many others, which can weaken the immune system so much that avoidable diseases lead to life-threatening danger in children worldwide.

‘The Lost Choir’ spot was created International Children’s Fund by Grey Worldwide, directed by Tim Neiser and produced by Parasol Island.

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Volkswagen Golf Ad Features Appearance by Depeche Mode’s Dave Gahan

Volkswagen Golf Mk7 - People are People

Since Volkswagen actually means ‘People’s Car’ in German, it’s seems a logical move for the car maker to leverage Depeche Mode’s 1984 hit song ‘People are People‘ for an ad.

That’s exactly what has happened in a new TVC promoting the launch of the Volkswagen’s Golf Mk7. In the ad several driver’s put their unique spin on the Depeche Mode classic including lead singer Dave Gahan.

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Musicians Perform ‘The Unfinished’, the Last Songs of the Titanic Orchestra

Konzerthaus DortmundAs the Titanic slipped beneath the icy North Atlantic waters in the early morning of April 15th, 1912, a group of musicians continued to play to calm the nerves of the frightened passengers. It’s likely that the performance helped to calm the musicians too as they accepted their fate.

The group is commonly referred to as the Titanic ‘band’ or ‘orchestra’, but they were actually two groups that may have never played together before this final performance. The group was led by Wallace Hartley, whose quintet performed at teatime and after dinner concerts. The other three musicians performed as a trio of violin, cello and piano; and performed in the ‘A La Carte Restaurant’ and the ‘Cafe Parisian’.

While no one can be 100% certain what the last song performed by the group, it was reported that the selection was ‘Nearer, My God, To Thee’, a familiar Christian hymn written by Sarah F. Adams in 1841. It should be noted that other reliable witnesses remember ‘Song d’Automne’ as being the final song they remember, but one can imagine the mayhem during those last few hours.

At the 100th anniversary of the sinking, a group of musicians from Konzerthaus Dortmund embarked on a journey to pay tribute to the brave musicians of the Titanic by performing ‘The Unfinished’. They journeyed from New York to the site of the last known position of the Titanic, and at 2:20am they played ‘Nearer, My God, To Thee’.

A crate carried along on the expedition contained a buoy shaped like a quaver note with the hymn “Nearer, My God, To Thee” stored on sd-chip inside. This was placed into the ocean the day after the performance.

People were able to follow the expedition in real-time via The Unfinished blog. A promotional mailing to solo superstars and orchestras prior to the event raised the profile of Konzerthaus Dortmund around the world.

The campaign was put together by Hamburg ad agencyJung von Matt. The video was produced by Markenfilm.


EVOC Promotes Protective Backpack with Indestructible Billboard

Evoc Indestructible BillboardGermany’s Evoc is a manufacturer of premium backpacks and protective equipment for outdoor sports enthusiasts. Their backpacks feature an integrated back protector that can absorb nearly 80% of the impact to the wearer’s back. The protective technology could prevent countless spinal injuries.

To create awareness and demonstrate the strength of Evoc’s integrated back protector they created a unique interactive billboard. Passerby were invited to punch, kick, head-butt an Evoc backpack that had been attached to the billboard. Sensors measured the energy of each impact as well as how much energy was absorbed by the back protector. The results were updated to the Evoc Facebook page in real time and then shown ranked on a leaderboard. An image of each participant was captured at impact which they then could tag and share with their social networks.

The Indestructible Billboard was created by Publicis Munich.


Oro Verde Turns the Trees of Germany into Activists to Protect Rainforests

Oro Verde Rainforest Tree ProtestWho better to speak out against the destruction of the rain forests than their urban relatives.

Oro Verde, a German nonprofit with only 10 full-time employees needed to recruit new activists and volunteer donation collectors to help increase the number of cash donations. Instead of recruiting human beings, who are far too busy tweeting and updating their facebook statuses, they looked to the trees themselves.

Hundreds of trees in Germany’s outdoor pedestrian malls and parks were ‘outfitted’ with cardboard protest signs that read, ‘Brauche Geld für meine Familie im Regenwald’ (Need Money for my family in the Rainforest). The addition of wooden fingers that appeared to be holding the signs completed the striking illusion.

Gnomes Protest Messy Yards to Promote German Garden Centre

Toom Baumarkt Gnome ProtestToom der Baumarkt in a large chain of German hardware stores. The stores include a garden centre that was not getting enough attention.

To promote Toom’s garden department, their ad agency OgilvyAction came up with the idea of staging a protest by 100 garden gnomes. After all, who suffers most from a messy, overgrown back yard than the garden gnome.

On Novemeber 18, 100 gnomes appeared (well, they can’t really march) to the amusement of the locals in downtown Langenfeld. The gnomes sported tiny protest signs with such hard clever slogans as ‘Seeds not Weeds’, ‘Pain in the Grass’ and ‘Just Say Mow’, and instructed readers to visit Toom for their gardening needs.

The campaign was supported by a @langenfeldzwerg (Langenfeld Gnome) Twitter account and a wall posts on the Toom Baumarkt Facebook page.