Garden Gnomes Take a Billy Bookshelf Hostage In Response to IKEA Ad

UK Water Features - IKEA Gnome Response

Earlier this month ‘Time for Change‘ a new ad from IKEA UK featured a family battling an unruly horde of vengeful gnomes for control of their back garden.

But now the gnomes have struck back in a response video fearuring Water Bucket Walter, leader and spokesgnome of OMG (Opposing Mindless Gnomism). The gnomes have taken a Billy bookshelf hostage and are threatening to make him pay unless IKEA admits that gnomes have a place in Britain’s gardens.

The video was produced by Sixty Second Video for UK Water Features, a Yorkshire-based garden product company that specializes in indoor & outdoor garden water features and other garden products.

Your move IKEA…

[via The Drum]