Ford Turns Paris Parking into an Interactive Pinball Game

Honda Paris Parking PinballOne of the most challenging parts of getting my driver’s license was the parallel parking test. Where I grew up in Nova Scotia there was little need for this driving skill unless you had to park a tractor between two cows. Since I’ve been living in urban environments my parallel parking skills grew to be pretty solid, however I also learned the stress involved in finding a decent parking spot on the street.

In Paris, like most large cities, great parking spaces are rare and hard to find, so drivers will do whatever it takes to fit into one when they find it. To promote theit Active Park Assist, Ford of Europe installed a giant pinball game on a building above an open parking spot, and programmed the bumpers of the cars in front and behind to react like pinball bumpers.

The creative for the pinball parking experience comes from Ogilvy & Mather Paris, with production by Moonwalk.


Tic Tac’s ‘Worst Breath in the World’ Promotion Has People Fainting in the Streets

Tic Tac France - Worst Breath in the WorldOn March 21 a clever bit of experiential marketing by Tic Tac had residents of Rouen, France literally dropping in the streets. The promotion states that ‘the breath of a polecat, hyena, jackal or goat can do more damage than you think.

Several unsuspecting people were approached for directions, when they responded the entire square full of people began to collapse. You can see the instant shock and disbelief on people’s faces as they find themselves at the centre of a scene like something out of a horror movie. As a video begins to play on a screen that showing others in the town also fainting (some in quite spectacular ways), they begin to realize that the joke is on them.

The ‘Worst Breath in the World’ campaign comes from Ogilvy Mather Paris.

IKEA Hosts 5 Roommates at Apartment Built in Paris Subway

IKEA Paris Subway ApartmentNext time you’re down in the subway waiting for your train to come, consider how comfortable it would be to live there for a week. Well, that’s exactly what IKEA France is doing for five people in a Paris subway station starting on Monday.

Roommates Jeanne, Audrey, Anis, Lucie and Benjamin will be living in public all week in a specially built 54 square meter apartment constructed on the subway platform at Auber Station.The 5 will demonstrate how IKEA can optimize a small space and make it a comfortable living space for anyone. Each day the highlights of their adventures will be posted at YouTube.

Once they’ve left the apartment on Saturday, they’ll turn it over to a lucky IKEA France Facebook fan and their 12 friends for a great end-of-the-week party

The campaign was created by Paris creative agency Ubi Bene.

via PSFK

RFID Wristbands Help French Surf Fans Post Facebook Pics

French Surf Fans Check-In to Facebook Using RFID wristbandsWhen surf fans arrived at the beach in Biarritz for the Roxy Pro Women’s World Surfing Championships this past July, they found more than just ‘sweet’ waves. Event sponsor partner, Orange distributed ‘RFID wristbands’ that enabled wearers to interact at special terminals located around the event site.

People were able to connect the wristbands to their Facebook accounts allowing them to win free gifts or take photos which were then posted ‘automagically’ to their walls. For every 100 Likes (or check-ins) one surfing lesson was donated to Surf Insertion, a program that provides the surfing experience to rural and urban youth in France.

Let this be a lesson to the people that tell you QR codes are the wave of the future. This is an example of creating an easy experience connecting mobile (in this case not their phone) without burdening users with app downloads and awkwardness of using your camera phone in a public space. There will be a variety of technologies available to connect offline to online, choosing the right one will be dependent on a careful understanding the environment and audience.

Similar RFID bracelet initiatives have been used by Coca-Cola recently at the Rock’n Coke Festival in Instanbul and Coca-Cola Village Amusement Park in Israel