Smart Argentina Turns Twitter Stream Into Flipbook Animation

SMART Argentina Twitter AnimationThere’s no denying that the SMART car is small. It’s so small that Smart Argentina has managed to fit the car inside of a tweet.

SMART Argentina has created a 455 tweet flipbook in their Twitter stream using ASCII and special characters to illustrate a SMART car driving through the city to find the perfect parking spot.

The animation ends with the message ‘ENTRA EN TODOS LADOS HASTA EN 140 CARACTERES’ (Get everywhere up to 140 characters) and ‘UNA GRAN IDEA PARA LA CIUDAD’ (A great idea for the city).

You can view the animation in your browser if you keep pressing the ‘J’ button (or down arrow) on your keyboard. If you like to watch the SMART car in reverse, use the ‘K’ or up arrow.

If you’re not able to have the tweets scroll smoothly in your browser, they’ve posted a YouTube video of the full animation.

The animated tweets were created by BBDO Argentina