Want to Hear the New Flaming Lips Song? First find 11 friends.

Anyone who has ever experienced a The Flaming Lips concert in person or listened to their recordings knows that the Oklahoma City band isn’t afraid of experimentation. Leader Wayne Coyne is famous for walking across the heads of their audience is a giant inflatable plastic ball, and there’s no better man you want on the business end of a confetti gun in a concert crisis. Over on the recording side, there’s been 20 albums of wild pop experiments, a remake of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and their own indie movie Christmas on Mars.

In 2011, the Flaming Lips have announced they will release a new track every month, and this is the first result (not sure what happened to January). Not to worry, the song ‘Two Blobs Fucking‘ (don’t worry, there’s a bit more NSFW language in the instructional video too) is available on the Flaming Lips YouTube Channel as 12 separate tracks. You’ll need to sync together 12 devices with each playing one of the different videos.

Below is a handy instructional video. Now I’m off to find 11 friends insane enough to try this.