Fragile Childhood PSA Transforms Alcohol-Abusing Parents (Literally) into Monsters

Fragile Childhood - Monsters

Lasinen lapsuus (Fragile Childhood) is a Finnish non-profit launched in 1985 to help encourage parents to take responsibility and understand how their drinking habits affect their children. The organization notes that previous research has shown that 1 in 4 children have suffered harm because of their parent’s alcohol issues.

All of the young actors in this unsettling PSA do a great job conveying fear. Even on the crowded streets, playgrounds or restaurants, the children are the only ones who can really see the Monsters that are their parents become when they abuse alcohol. For a child, a monster can be real.

Monsters was created and produced by Euro RSCG Helsinki & Grillifilms together with Sauna International and Slovenia’s Studio Arkadena.


Lapland Tourism App Shows You the Northern Lights Wherever You Are

Laplication - Northern Lights app

I’ve never been fortunate to visit the Canadian arctic (but it’s definitely on the bucket list), but I’ve been still been lucky enough to have experienced the Northern Lights on their rare appearances here in the south and eastern parts of Canada. The experience of watching the green ribbons dance across the northern sky was otherworldly and overwhelming.

Thanks to the folks at ‘Only in Lapland‘ – a site promoting tourism to the northern region of Finland – anyone can have the Northern Lights available to them at any time. Simply download the Laplication app, and point your iPhone (or iPad) at the sky or the ceiling and you’ll see the ghostly green and blue shapes dance above you. The app uses the smartphone’s compass and gps to show you how far away you are from Lapland.

The app also allows you to ‘Lapify’ your existing photos by applying filters such as Midnight Sun, Aurora Borealis, or Polar Light.

The Laplication app was created by SEK & GREY, and is available free in the iTunes app store.