New Fiat Ad Sees Colonial America Invaded by Sexy Italian Style

Fiat USA "The Italians are Coming"

In this new ad for Fiat USA, a Paul Revere-esque character spots a cloud of dust in the distance and announces that, “The British are Coming, The British are Coming!”

A second look through his telescope reveals that the invasion is not from British troops at all, but a tight formation of bright red Italian Fiat 500Ls.

He quickly mounts his horse and rides through town yelling that “The Italians are coming, the Italians are coming!” Soon women’s dresses and hair are being shortened, the local pub has become a Club, and a table of tea is replaced with cups of espresso.

“Italian Invasion” was created by Doner and directed by Paul Goodman for Supply and Demand.

The ad features “Children of the Revolution“, a 1972 hit by T-Rex that hit #2 on the UK charts and has since become a glam rock classic.

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Fiat’s Abarth 500 “Too Fast to Follow” on Twitter

Fiat Abarth 500 - Too Fast to Follow on Twitter

While certainly not the most important metric of social media success, increasing the number of followers is an important pursuit for a lot of Twitter users and brands. Some Twitter users have even gone to the social media black market to buy large blocks of fake users to increase their follower number.

It’s quite the opposite strategy with Fiat Germany, who aren’t interested in follower numbers at all for the Fiat Abarth 500 Twitter profile. To reinforce the messaging that the car is “Too Fast to Follow”, (top speed is 205 km/h) and contravening everything about the way social media should work, you cannot even follow the account. Yes, you can press the ‘follow’ button, but in moments you will be blocked keeping their follower account steady at “0”.

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Fiat Illustrates Fuel Economy of Novo Uno with ‘Powered by Pee’ Test-Drive

Fiat 'Powered by Pee' Test DrivesBefore you start envisioning the image of a dude using the gas tank of an unsuspecting Fiat Uno new… sorry, what? I’m too late?

The Fiat ‘If Pee Were Gas’ campaign out of Brazil does indeed feature several dudes doing their business, but thankfully this ‘test-drive’ challenge was confined to the men’s washroom of the bar.

Flow monitors were installed in the urinals, and a small digital screen was placed onto the wall above it. The more pee that flowed, the further the image of the Fiat Uno New traveled on the twisting roads on the digital screen. A small image of the player’s face was captured and placed onto a leaderboard along with the distance their Fiat Novo Uno drove. Thankfully the functionality to actually steer the car weren’t included.

Did it work? The case study video explains that searches for the Uno on Fiat’s website rose 12% during the promotion, and fuel-economy became the first feature mentioned at the moment of purchase (second was design).

The campaign was created by Leo Burnett Tailor Made.


Alfa Romeo Creates a Big Splash Busting Through 2500 Water Balloons

Alfa Romeo Aqabatics ChallengeTo celebrate the launch of the Mito Quadrifoglio Verde (now, that’s a mouthful), Alfa Romeo UK decided that they would break the record for most water balloons burst by a car. I did spend a few minutes ‘on the Google’ and couldn’t find any previous attempts, so good for them.

To break the record Alfa Romeo hired renowned UK stunt driver Terry Grant to pilot the Mito; and a team filled and assembled 2500 water ballons in the shape and colours of the Alfa Romeo logo on the tarmac at Rockingham Motor Speedway. Once the carnage had stopped, Grant had destroyed all but 4 of the water balloons.

To extend the fun, Alfa Romeo created a contest for their Facebook brand page. They created a grid on top of the logo of water ballons. Facebook uers try to guess which area of the grid contains the reamining balloons and they’ll win a day at the track with Alfa Romeo. To be eligible to win, participants are required to be 18 and have a valid UK driver’s license. (which is not me)

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Fiat Smartphone App Turns Street Signs Into Interactive Brochure

When the creative folks at Leo Burnett Madrid were tasked with promoting the Fiat Street Evo they headed out into the streets. They created a smartphone app for iPhone and Android that turned everyday traffic signs into launching pads for an interactive mobile brochure. For example when a Stop sign was recognized by the app it showed the car’s breaking features.

Users around the world can download the app and start scanning traffic signs in their city (it certainly helps if you know Spanish). Download the app and start scanning right away, secret prizes are hidden behind selected traffic signs.

And if you want to take out a Fiat Street Evo for a spin the app will use your location to find the nearest local Fiat dealer… in Spain.