The Script Launch Geo-Social Concert Ticket Giveaway

Get Me to the Script

Fans of Irish rock band The Script can scoop up tickets to this week’s sold-out shows in London and Manchester by posting tweets containing #GetMeToTheScript.

Each tweet sent with the hashtag helps to reveal the location of the free tickets by magnifying a map on The Script’s Facebook page. The first fan to arrive at the location wins the tickets.

The giveaway is a great example of combining Twitter and Facebook to effectively promote and manage a small-scale social campaign; Twitter for it’s ability to amplify a message and a Facebook page app for a simple hosting solution.

‘Get Me to The Script’ was put together by Essence London.


Nike’s Facebook Finger Race App Promotes Lunarglide+ Shoe in Russia

Nike Running Russia - Finger Race

Can your fingers go the distance?

You probably should warm up with a few deep-knuckle lunges before you slip your fingers into a virtual pair of Nike Lunarglide+ running shoes on the Nike Running Russia Facebook page.

The app uses your webcam to capture the movement of your fingers and translate it into the forward movement of the shoes. It’s not easy, after a half dozen attempts I only managed a paltry .28 km in 45 seconds. The leading runner so far somehow managed to ‘finger run’ an incredible 39.38 km in just over an hour.

The app was created by Mindshare Russia.

[via Popsop]


Real Estate Company Uses Facebook Profiles to Create ‘Social Home Tour’

Carvalho Hosken - Social Home Tour

Anyone who’s spent any time watching TV shows about real estate, and house flipping have seen the extra work that sellers do to ‘stage’ the home. Some fresh paint, new landscaping, rented furniture and a plate full of fresh cookies in the kitchen presents the home in it’s best light.

Brazilian real estate company Carvalho Hosken had decided to launch a new condominium in an affluent area of Rio de Janeiro. Their challenge was to market the condos as tailor-made without sounding like a bad real estate ad cliche.

The company prepared a decorated unit complete with digital frames that pulled in and displayed photos from the customer’s Facebook photo albums (the customers had been asked to reserve a showing using their Facebook profile). Using the work address from their profile, the best route was plotted onto a map.

Creepy or smart?

Did it work? According to the video 28% of visits were converted into sales (three times the normal success rate).

The Social Home Tour was created by Brazilian agency Artplan.


Applebee’s Offers Up Social Media Tutorials With a Twist

Applebee's Girls Night Out GoddessThomas & King, Inc. owner and operator of 88 Applebee’srestaurants in Arizona, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania has launched a new campaign to promote their ‘Life is Better Shared‘ motto.

In the three clips the Girls Night Out Goddess interrupts three social media ‘experts’ looking to provide tips on using Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter with some social media tips of her own.

The campaign was created by Lexington, KY agency Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions.

Pop-Up Store in Copenhagen Trades Chocolates for Good Deeds

Anton Berg Chocolatier - The Generous ShopWhen Danish chocolate maker Anthon Berg set up ‘The Generous Store’, a special one-day-only pop up store on the Købmagergade pedestrian mall in the center of Copenhagen, they weren’t looking to make a quick buck from the shoppers passing by. In fact, they weren’t asking people for money at all.

All a customer needed to do to take home a box of chocolates was to promise to do a good deed for a good friend. Each box came with one of 33 good deeds such as “Don’t comment on your girlfriend’s driving for a week”, “Serve breakfast in bed to your loved one”, or even “Talk Nicely to Your Mother for a Week”.

Customers were asked to publish their promise directly to their friend on Facebook via one of the in-store iPads as their form of payment.

The store staff ensured the helped customers communicate their promises to their friend on Facebook using

The Generous Store was created by Copenhagen’s Robert/Boisen & Like-minded.

Ridley Scott-directed Prometheus Creates Buzz with TED Video from 2023

PrometheusOne of the highly anticipated movies of the 2012 summer is the Ridley Scott-directed ‘Prometheus‘. It’s been widely speculated that the movie is a prequel to Scott’s 1979 movie ‘Alien’, however Scott recently revealed the connection between the two movies is actually the corporation behind the ships.

Prometheus is owned by an entrepreneur named Peter Weyland (played by Guy Pearce) and in Alien the Nostromo is owned by the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. A website has been created for Weyland Industries, celebrating its 50 years of Building Better Worlds. A video of Sir Peter Weyland’s talk at the 2023 TED Conference was just added to the site this week.

In the video we see that 11 years from now TED in held in a massive stadium with an audience of 36,000, and If you’ve watched the 2012 TED Presentation by Vijay Kumar about ‘Robots that fly… and cooperate’, you know that the flying robot cameras aren’t that far away.

Prometheus is scheduled to open in North America on June 8. Check out the trailer on YouTube, or visit the website, Facebook page or forum for news and updates.

He Tweets, He Scores! Which Team Leads the NHL in Social Media Success?

Which team leads the NHL in Social Media?It’s NHL All-Star weekend in Ottawa and the best players in the league are set to face off against each other in the skills competition and of course in the big game Sunday afternoon.

Social Media has become an essential part of any organization’s digital communications strategy, and the 30 teams that make up the National Hockey league are no different. The following is a ranking of which teams are (based on my formula) leading the NHL on the four big social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. Every team has an active Facebook and Twitter account, only 15 have a YouTube account, and 21 teams have a Google+ page of which 14 are active. I debated whether to include YouTube and Google+ in the final rankings, but in the end I thought it was important to recognize teams that were having success with YouTube and ones that were establishing themselves in Google+. I did not include Foursquare, LinkedIn Groups or Tumblr (the Boston Bruins have an awesome Tumblr page).

It’s obvious when you look at the overall ranking that teams with long histories, strong fan bases and on-ice success are going to rate high. When the numbers were added up the Philadelphia Flyers came out on top, thanks to a top 10 presence on all four platforms. Original 6 teams were in the top half of the list, only the Rangers’ rank suffered at #16 due to their lack of YouTube or Google+ accounts.

To create the individual platform rankings I looked to metrics that would help to show user activity, rather than just rely on number of likes, fans, followers or subscribers to define the team’s success. The numbers in brackets below show where the team ranked on the individual platforms. For example Philadelphia ranked #6 on Facebook, #3 on Twitter, #10 on YouTube and #7 on Google+. When I add these rankings together they add up to 25 which betters Vancouver’s total of 32. You’ll see several teams with rankings of #16 and #22 for YouTube and Google+. For teams that did not have a YouTube account I ranked them all at #16, and for those without any ‘official’ Google+ presence were ranked at #23. (teams with inactive Google+ accounts were rated below the active)

Top NHL Teams on Social Media

  1. 1. Philadephia Flyers (6-3-10-7)
  2. 2. Vancouver Canucks (3-6-16-7)
  3. 3. Detroit Red Wings (4-4-2-24)
  4. 4. Toronto Maple Leafs (7-11-16-1)
  5. 5. Montreal Canadiens (5-15-6-11)
  6. 6. Chicago Black Hawks (1-10-16-15)
  7. 7. Buffalo Sabres (2-7-16-22)
  8. 8. Anaheim Ducks (16-16-1-9)
  9. 9. Edmonton Oilers (12-5-3-25)
  10. 10. Pittsburgh Penguins (14-1-16-16)
  11. 11. Boston Bruins (2-7-16-22)
  12. 12. Los Angeles Kings (15-21-8-3)
  13. 13. Tampa Bay Lightning (18-9-16-5)
  14. 14. San Jose Sharks (10-8-14-17)
  15. 15. Washington Capitals (8-17-16-13)
  16. 16. New York Rangers (9-22-16-12)
  17. 17. Dallas Stars (19-23-16-2)
  18. 18. St Louis Blues (25-13-13-10)
  19. 19. Colorado Avalanche (24-14-16-8)
  20. 20. NY Islanders (26-25-4-22)
  21. 21. Calgary Flames (13-18-12-22)
  22. 22. Nashville Predators (20-12-16-19)
  23. 23. New Jersey Devils (22-19-9-18)
  24. 24. Carolina Hurricanes (27-22-5-21)
  25. 25. Minnesota Wild (17-29-16-19)
  26. 26. Ottawa Senators (23-24-16-22)
  27. 27. Winnipeg Jets (21-27-16-22)
  28. 28. Florida Panthers (29-28-11-22)
  29. 29. Columbus Blue Jackets (28-30-15-20)
  30. 30. Phoenix Coyotes (30-26-16-29)


FacebookWith over 800 million users worldwide, Facebook is the reigning king of social media platforms and all 30 teams have active brand pages there. Over 11.5 million people have ‘Liked’ NHL brand pages with the Penguins, Red Wings, Bruins and Black Hawks leading the league with over 1 million fans each. The new Winnipeg Jets have managed to attract 133,838 ‘Likes’ since launching their page less than a year ago on May 31.

To create the Facebook rankings I used total ‘Likes’, ‘People Talking About’ and percentage of total Page Likes Talking About. People Talking About provides a nice ‘snapshot in time’ adding up all the page, post likes, shares, comments, photo tags over the past 7 days. The ranking for each metric was then added together for a final overall ranking for Facebook.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Facebook

  1. 1. Pittsburgh Penguins
  2. 2. New York Rangers
  3. 3. Philadephia Flyers
  4. 4. Detroit Red Wings
  5. 5. Edmonton Oilers
  6. 6. Vancouver Canucks
  7. 7. Boston Bruins
  8. 8. San Jose Sharks
  9. 9. Tampa Bay Lightning
  10. 10. Chicago Black Hawks


TwitterTwitter is an ideal place for any fan to stay up to date on the latest news and game updates from their favorite NHL team, and all 30 teams have active accounts. Montreal and Vancouver with 233,664 and 216,747 followers respectively are out on front of the pack, with Pittsburgh trailing in third with 167,246 followers. The Winnipeg Jets are the fastest-rising team on Twitter, they already rank #14 in followers despite only launching on May 31st, of 2011.

The Twitter ranking uses number of total followers, the number of lists the team has been added to, as well as the number of retweets and references in previous the 7 days. The results of these individual metrics are added together to create the final twitter ranking.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Twitter

  1. 1. Chicago Black Hawks
  2. 2. Boston Bruins
  3. 3. Vancouver Canucks
  4. 4. Detroit Red Wings
  5. 5. Montreal Canadiens
  6. 6. Philadelphia Flyers
  7. 7. Toronto Maple Leafs
  8. 8. Washington Capitals
  9. 9. New York Rangers
  10. 10. San Jose Sharks


YouTubeEvery second one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube, and a quick search on any hockey team will bring up a long list of fan posted clips. Only 15 of the 30 teams have active YouTube accounts, the remaining teams host video on their main sites using the standard Neulion video player. 2007 Stanley Cup champs, the Anaheim Ducks are the leader on YouTube with nearly 1.3 million total views. Almost half of that total is for just two videos, 375,000 views of the Predators Ryan Suter kicking the puck into his own net in a game against the Ducks, and 199,000 watched Anaheim players attempting to speak Finnish. The NY Islanders, who have had an active YouTube account since September 2006 were second with 730,243 total views. The Red Wings followed in third with 565,250 views followed closely by the Oilers with 554,868.

Top 10 NHL Teams on YouTube

  1. 1. Anaheim Ducks
  2. 2. Detroit Red Wings
  3. 3. Edmonton Oilers
  4. 4. New York Islanders
  5. 5. Carolina Hurricanes
  6. 6. Montreal Canadiens
  7. 7. Buffalo Sabres
  8. 8. Los Angeles Kings
  9. 9. New Jersey Devils
  10. 10. Philadelphia Flyers


Google+Google+ may only be 6 months old, but in that time it has attracted 90 million fans and many more to come as Google forces new users to sign up for a G+ and Gmail accounts. Some NHL teams such as Toronto, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Buffalo have embraced Google+ and are posting content regularly. 21 of the 30 NHL teams have created ‘official’ Google+ pages, while only 14 of those 21 were active at the time of review.

Teams are ranked on Google+ rankings based on a total of how many circles they have been added to and times they have been +’d. Teams with inactive Google+ accounts were ranked below teams that are active, and teams that have yet to establish any presence were all ranked #22.

Toronto Maple leafs currently lead the league as they belong to 1569 circles and have been +’d 1008 times (as of Jan 27, 2012). Dallas is second belonging to 1231 circles and have been +’d 133 times.

Top 10 NHL Teams on Google+

  1. 1. Toronto Maple Leafs
  2. 2. Dallas Stars
  3. 3. Los Angeles Kings
  4. 4. Buffalo Sabres
  5. 5. Tampa Bay Lightning
  6. 6. Philadephia Flyers
  7. 7. Colorado Avalanche
  8. 8. Vancouver Canucks
  9. 9. Anaheim Ducks
  10. 10. Montreal Canadiens

Hope you enjoyed this social media snapshot of the NHL. I have plans to look at the NFL, NBA, and English Premier League in the near future. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on the way that I ranked the teams.

Now that I have the numbers I’d like to dig down a bit deeper and review the content and engagement strategies that are being used, but first I’m going to relax with a few ‘pops’ and enjoy a weekend of All Star hockey. Cheers and Go Leafs Go!

Cadbury Celebrates a Million Facebook Fans with 3 Tonne Chocolate Thumbs Up

Cadbury A Million ThanksBrands may not know what to do with their Facebook fans once they get them, but they are coming up with more interesting ways of celebrating the milestone.

To celebrate the one million ‘Like’ mark, Cadbury live streamed the construction of a gigantic 3 tonne (or 6,600 pounds)’thumbs up’ statue from thousands of blocks of their signature Dairy Milk bars. The intricate ‘Thanks a Million’ thumbs-up construction was completed by a team of eager purple-clad Oompa Loompas.

To complete the construction Cadbury invited Denise, a superfan to place the final square on top. After the party the chocolate was donated to a company specializing in the research of alternate fuels. I’m wondering in the chocolate will be used to create that fuel or a special treat for the hungry researchers.

The ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign was created by London agency Hypernaked.

MINI Belux Invites Facebook Fans to Play with Fire and Win a Car

MINI Belux - Fan the FlamesFans of the Benelux MINI Facebook page have the opportunity to both play with fire and win a new car thanks to the ‘Fan the Flame‘ contest. A Mini Countryman has been placed on a ramp in the parking lot at the European Auto Show in Brussels.

The car is held only in place on the ramp by a thick hemp rope. Facebook fans can take their turns remotely flashing a flame from an Arduino-controlled burner placed under the rope. The fan whose flame finally burns through the rope wins the car. The contest is open to anyone over 18 with a valid Belgium and Luxembourg driver’s license.

The Fan the Flame contest launched on January 10 and after 9 days there have already been nearly 19,000 attempts to burn through the rope.

No one likes to wait in line so MINI has turned line-jumping into part of the contest. Contestants receive points for participating and for sharing a link to the contest with friends. They can then use these points to challenge others ahead of them from positions 11-30 line ahead of them. If they can answer the challenge correctly they get to switch positions in line with the person they challenged. If they lose the challenge they lose points and remain in their position. I was able to get to the 11th position twice, but my inability to read Dutch without re-typing it into Google Translate had me pumped way back down the queue.

Fan the Flame was created by the Brussels office of Agency.comTBWA.

Evian Invites Londoners to Pop-Up Chalet for Cocktails and Puppies

Evian Alpine ExperienceFirst off, not to pick apart the Evian Alpine Experience, but shouldn’t the puppies be Saint Bernards? Little brandy barrels around their next filled with Evian would have been awesome. However, those Husky pups look pretty darn cute.

Evian UK is bringing the sensations of the it’s mountain source to the south bank of the Thames today (January 12) by creating an Alpine Experience in a pop-up Chalet. Again I am not an Alpine expert, but this which surprisingly like a pink shipping container.

Londoners used the Evian UK Facebook page to win a 45 minute slot inside the ‘chalet’ where they could nibble on treats, enjoy a ‘snow-melt’ cocktail and of course play with puppies.