South Korea’s Emart Uses Shadow QR Codes to Boost Lunchtime Sales

Emart Sunny Sales Shadow QR CodeThe much maligned QR code gets a boost of creativity thanks to an initiative by South Korea chain store Emart.

The stores were suffering low sales over the lunchtime hour. To solve this issue they created a three dimensional display that revealed a shadow-based QR code only during the hour of 12 to 1pm when the sun hit at just the right angle. When scanned the users were directed to the eMart ‘Sunny Sales’ mobile site where they could take advantage of special offers including a $12 off coupon, redeemable in-store or on the mobile site. The site orders would be delivered the next day to the buyer’s home.

The campaign proved to so successful that the program was expanded from 13 to 36 locations. 12,000 coupons were issued, there was a 58% increase in eMart membership, and most importantly a 25% increase in sales of eMart mall during lunch hours.

The agency behind Emart’s ‘Sunny Sales’ shadow QR-code is Cheil Worldwide, who last year had produced the Tesco subway virtual store.

South Korea