Swedish Electronics Store Promo Invites Would-Be Thieves To Perform Complex Heist

Pause - HeistOn Thursday, November 10th Swedish electronics retailer Pause at Norrlandgaten 14 in Stockholm was robbed, but as you can see in the trailer above that the whole thing was a clever inside job.

Disgruntled ex-employee Peter Erickson hi-jacked the Pause website on Thursday night and leaked the floor plans, walkthrough and surveillance system information. Everything that you need to know to break into the store and steal an LED TV worth $5700.

Your first step was to use the website to break through a puzzle of firewalls to crack the security code. Once you had the security code, you had to so to the store after closing on November 10 and enter the numbers to unlock the door’s security system. Next you received a response code that your partner needed to unlock information on the website (yes, you needed a partner in crime) and deactivate the motion detectors. After you reached the showroom, your partner would send you the shutdown code that disables the whole system allowing you to getaway with the TV.

For would-be thieves who don’t make it all the way to the big prize, there are other rewards including 10% off Pause products for cracking the entrance code, 20% off for getting past the motion detector and 30% for making it as far as the showroom.

It all sounds pretty crazy, but you can bet that the events that evening were tightly controlled. A message on the Pause Heist website promises that they will post the ‘surveillance’ videos soon. I can’t wait to see them.

via PSFK

Best Buy App Turns Your Phone Into a Time Traveler (Sort of)

Best Buy - BuyBack iPhone App

Earlier this year Best Buy launched its electronics Buy Back Program. Best Buy has described the program as “future proofing” and will allow users to trade in their smartphones, laptops, tablets and other electronics for a percentage of the the original value.

Best Buy along with agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky and mobile app developer Unit9 have created an iPhone app to promote the Buy Back Program. The app includes a Buybackulator, Upgrade Checker and a yes, even a Telephone Time Machine.

The Buybackulator allows a user to select a product and enter its price. The application then calculates the amount of the gift card amount. The Upgrade Checker will send you an alert you when your electronics are ready for an upgrade. The Telephone Time Machine re-skins your iPhone’s keypad and sounds from a rotary phone to flip phone style to a futuristic style that looks like it requires a thumb scan. Simply shake your phone to switch between the different styles.

The Best Buy ‘Buy Back’ app is available as a free download in the Apply App Store.