São Paulo Bar Targets Drinking Drivers With ‘The Responsible Sip’

Blá Bar Responsible Sip

Drunk driving is a huge issue no matter where you live. In Brazil, harsher traffic laws were introduced a few years ago but unfortunately did little to decrease the number of drunk drivers on the roads there.

São Paulo’s Blá Bar came up with a way to drive home the message to their customers, ‘The Responsible Sip’. Drivers were identified by the parking staff as they entered the bar, and when they ordered a beer it arrived at the table in a special glass printed with a series of humorous quotes of how the evening might proceed if they continued to drink more alcohol.

While most drivers switched to non-alcohol drinks for the remainder of the evening, others continued to drink. Those drivers were given the number for a taxi with their bill.

The stunt was created by QG Propaganda, Brazil.