South African Bug Killer Brand Promoted with Massive Billboard Made of Shoes

DOOM - Wall of Shoes

South African bug killer brand Doom and TBWA South Africa sought to illustrate their product’s killing power by comparing it to the most common form of “spur-of-the-moment” bug control, the shoe.

With nearly 100,000 species of bugs found in the country, that’s a lot of shoe smacking. The agency constructed a 22 metre tall billboard featuring 5771 shoes, carefully positioned to create a massive mosaic of a can of Doom. The public was then given the opportunity to win cash prizes by guessing the total number of shoes on the billboard.

This massive outdoor execution is in sharp contrast to the tiny bug dioramas set up in small building cracks earlier this year by DOOM and their agency.

South Africa

Buggy Ad Campaign Uses Building Cracks as Cockroach Dioramas

Doom Fogger - Roachville

Johannesburg, South Africa agency TBWA Hunt Lascaris had been tasked with coming up with an out-of-home campaign illustrating how the DOOM Fogger gets into every nook and cranny to kill bugs.

As an alternative to more traditional outdoor media, the agency took the challenge literally and created advertising spaces out of the cracks and holes in the walls of buildings. They created Roachville; cockroach dioramas showing the insects posed in living room, bedroom and cafe scenes. Large colourful highlights pointed toward the tiny scenes with the headline “Gets to Where They Live”.

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