Tokyo Bike Sharing Service COGOO Turns BMX Bike Into Music Mixer

Cogoo Turntable Rider

Japanese bike sharing service COGOO brought together professional BMX rider, Kotaro and professional DJ Baku (and their friends) to create ‘turntable rider’, turning a freestyle BMX bike into a music mixing instrument.

The system allows to rider to control the sounds by performing tricks, while controlling the beats sirelessly with an iPod or iPhone. The bike’s back wheel acts as a jog dial, brake levers are sound pads and a crossfader sits on the center of the handlebars.

While the ‘turntable rider’ isn’t available to the public yet, the company says that if the page gets 5900 ‘Likes’ they’ll consider mass-producing the units.

Stay tuned, ‘Let’s Share (Turntable Rider)’ a new track by DJ Baku will soon be available for download at iTunes.