Reebok Promotes CrossFit With the World’s Largest Piece of 3D Street Art

Reebok CrossFit 3D Street ArtThursday, November 17 was Guinness World Record day, and street artists 3D Joe and Max teamed up with Reebok CrossFit to create the largest and longest piece of 3D artwork in London’s West India Quay at Canary Wharf. The artwork features cliffs towering over a deep canyon and took nearly a week to produce and the artists and their crew used 100 paintbrushes, 20 rollers and 50 buckets of paint.

3D Joe and Max have traveled around the world creating breathtaking examples of 3D street art, check out their portfolio for several examples. In the end, the Reebok CrossFit artwork at Canary Wharf claimed two Guinness Records for both the largest (3807 square feet) and longest (350 feet) piece of 3D artwork.

The fact that it was produced for a Guinness World Record attempt is nearly irrelevant, the results are impressive and the scene at 1:01 with kids tossing balls back and forth across the canyon literally made my knees go weak.

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