Ferris Bueller Takes a Day Off to Promote to Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Super Bowl ad Honda CR-VJohn Hughes movies are virtual documentaries of what life was like in what 80s (or at least what we remembered it was). Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, are all classics. But for this 80s survivor, ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ stands head and shoulders above them all. With it’s mild suburban anti-establishment theme, we cheered as Ferris pulled one over on his parents, stuck it to Principal Rooney, drove his sister insane and enjoy a day off in downtown Chicago with the lovely Sloane and his best friend Cameron. Does everyone remember Charlie Sheen’s cameo as the drugged-out guy in the police station?

Now 26 years later, (sorry, I’ll wait a few seconds for you to recover from that shock) 49 year-old Matthew Broderick (yep, 49) is way overdue for another day off. This time he’s sneaking off for a day of adventure around Los Angeles to promote the launch of the 2012 Honda CR-V. With all respect to the good folks at Honda, the CR-V is not even close in the ‘sweet-ride’ department as the Ferrari GT250 California Spyder featured in the original movie. However, trying to jam a couple of child’s car seats and a full load of groceries are tasks much better suited to the CR-V.

The ad will be featured during the Super Bowl this weekend, but the full extended version was released today. The commercial features more than two dozen references to the original movie. If you can spot them, Honda is asking people to post them to Twitter using the #dayoff hashtag.